May Day ....

1st May 2018 (Tuesday)       06.30 .... “Happy May Day” to
Sleepy Royal Burgh on May Morning. 
everyone .... and we have a beautiful May Day morning here, in the East Neuk.    OK there’s a bit of frost (the car windscreen need scraping), but there’s cloudless sky, and hardly any wind,  a gorgeous start to the month of May.   However, the old saying “ne’er cast a cloot till May is oot” is apt.    I’ll have a quick cuppa then get the bike out.    

08.00    The frost has lifted with the sun, and it is a morning for going 'out.      I've been roond the Chapel on the bike.... and I gave my face a quick lick of morning dew, so my complexion should be pristine for another year.   I think it was 'morning dew'.    Dogs?    No I didn't see any dogs.

Kincraig cliffs.

17.00    The ‘wall to wall’ blue sky slowly disappeared as clouds crept over from the West, and rain speckled the Hutte windows at “iggzactly” 14.56;   not very heavily, but enough to remind us that we are unlikely to have a drought this year.    I went down to the beach to stretch my legs, and it was spitting all the time I was out.

First thing in the morning, after the ‘cuppa’, I went up to Chapel Green on the bike:  it was lovely then, but cold on the hands.    I gave my face a rub of the morning dew (very cold, melted rime).     According ‘tae the rools’, this will give me a flawless complexion  until next May Day.   So far the mirror disnae look any different, there is still an ‘auld wrinklie’ looking out of it!   Perhaps the magic disnae cut in until tomorrow morning!    I had breakfast.

After breakfast, I felt the urge to go to Leven to do a wee shopping.    In the interim the washing machine had been making the relevant noises, so I hung out the result of all the noises.... then ‘jamp’ in the car and went to Leven.    There are temporary traffic
Mid afternoon on the Ferry beach.
lights, East of Upper Largo:  it was while I was ‘sat sittin’ at the traffic lights that I remembered that I’d meant to phone George, to see if he wanted a trip to Leven.    I convinced myself that he was still in his bed;  this was to ease the guilty feeling that overcame me.    I went to Sainsbury’s and stocked up with ‘stuff’ for the weekend;  fell ‘in love’ with the check out lassie... and came home.   The traffic lights were still there .... I thought of George again;  and once more I convinced myself that he was still in bed.

The afternoon was mostly spent contemplating doing things;  and resting my knee.     I suppose I should really make an appointment with a Doctor to see what can be done.   The thing is;  I’m getting used to a walking stick... and they are good for pointing.


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