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Lazy day

30th October 2015 (Friday) .... 14.30All my travelling yesterday has left me feeling lethargic today, though I been ‘out and about’ this morning.Jim and I took “SD” up to Shell Bay woods for his morning gallop, just as the rain started so we missed the heavy stuff.Jim then picked up Myra andthe three of us went to the Harbour House for morning coffee.... and a quiet blether.By the time we left Harbour House the rain had stopped, and the sky was beginning to clear;it’s now ‘bright and sunny’.
My lethargy hadn’t left me by midday so I went to the Chemist’s and bought a pack of Lemsips .... and had a run down to the harbour.I was approaching the bottom of Admiralty Lane when Jimmy suddenly, ... er, .. suddenly isn’t the word ... ‘bumbled’ into view’.I picked him up and took him along to the harbour where he could walk out to the end of the pier;when he was doing this I would be taking photos on the beach.The weather had improved to ‘pleasant’ by now so we were in no great hurry.Eventually…
29th October 2015 (Thursday) .... 07.15The clear sky and bright moon we had earlier, has been covered by a threatening bank of cloud moving in from the Southwest.The forecast is for dour, wet weather in the morning, then brightening  up in the afternoon .... a perfect morning for travellingto Kirkcaldy in a bus;with someone else doing the driving. I’m feeling ‘livelier’ this morning;having felt‘one degree under’ for the past couple of days .... probably brought in on the East wind. Must ‘go’ ....ever so slight ‘flap on’;I’m hungry.
22.30Happy happy me.... I have had a busy, and successful day, managing to achieve everything I set out to do;but I was really glad to get to the “Drop in Cafe” to ‘fall apart’ and have a cuppa amongst friends, at the end of all the travelling etc!Honor came along to join us;she was saying that Jock would have loved to be there too, but wanted to finish the housework, before making dinner.
My morning began with Wallace and Gromit going ‘walkies’... at …
28th October 2015

(Wednesday) .... 10.30We have a nice foggy, dreich morning!What do you do on ‘nice dreich foggy mornings’?Go out and get some nice ‘dreich, foggy photographs’ of course!Well... that’s what I did.Bunged the wellies in the car boot then took orf for Kilconquhar where there’s stubble field thatyou can wander through and get a different angle on things.That is “iggzactly” what I did.I’m pleased enough with the resulting photographs, but not with the wet feet, having left the wellies in the boot.I get excited when I see what I want to ‘get on with’.... and tend to forget mundane things like putting on wellies.I’m happy!“Puku” isn’t:happy i.e.“Puku” is looking forward to the ‘Lunch” in the Colinsburgh Town Hall today, but lunch time seems an awfie long way orf!
22.00I suppose we have to admit it;the weather was horrid today.We had fog with light rain that turned to fog with heavy rain by mid-afternoon .... not ‘pretty’ weather at all.Yet, in spite of the weather, I have h…
27th October 2015
(Tuesday) .... 10.00One thing about our Scottish weather .... it’s changeable.Yesterday was a lovely ‘Indian Summer’ kind of day;today it’s grey and dreich, with an East wind bringing in low cloud and drizzle from the North Sea.It is not a morning for poodling about on the beach, however it is a good day for visiting the Windmill in the afternoon.I’ll take the laptop through to the kitchen and ‘play’ on it, and bake my way the morning time.Before anything else I’ll have another cuppa.

22.00For the first time in a long while I went with the ‘plan for today’ .... baked in the morning, Windmill in the afternoon.The baking was a disaster:I wanted to do ANZAC biscuits to the same recipe as the last time, but I could not find it.... and I spent a long time on the laptop looking for it.The recipe I wanted uses measurement by weight, every recipe I found today uses ‘cups of’... and for me that does not work.That said the ANZAC’s I did produce are really tasty, and the nearest…
26th October 2015
(Monday) .... 08.45We have a lovely mornin’;a perfect morning for Jimmy walking down to the sailing Club.As for me? ...... I’m still feeling stiff around the shoulders, but my ‘brain’(?) says “frolic” so I must be fine.“Puku” is contented having just had breakfast;which was something crunchy with nuts (skinny, non wrinkled  walnuts?) in it .... I’ll go and find out what it’s called .... “Pecan and Maple Crunch”,one of the cereals I bought for the troops.There are other cereals which “Puku” will plough his way through in due course.I’m thinking of biking along to Jimmy’s, but there’s a fair breeze from the southeast;it could be a short stiff test.

18.00My word this has been a beautiful day;September and October has been the best two months for decent spells of weather this year.This morning I went along to Jimmy’s, and we went down to the harbour in his car, where he circumnavigated the granary twice....a total distance of 320 metres.However we have to add to that …
25th October 2015 (Sunday) .... 10.00 Oh my word .... I slept ‘in’ and then some.“Wallace and Gromit” fired off at 06.00, (now that the clocks have changed), so I turned over and promptly went back to sleep.When I woke up, and looked at the time on the i-phone it read 09.16.“I thought they’d have changed that automatically” was my first thought:only to find, when I got through to the kitchen, that ‘they’ had .... and it WAS 09.16.I knew I was tired last night.... but I didn’t think I was ‘that tired’.Oh well it’s a grey day anyway so I haven’t missed much .... though there will befolks all over ‘my gallery’ at the kirk!I’m showered and dressed .... now I need to feed “Puku”, ..... who regards ‘sleeping in’ as a waste of good eating time!I’m feeling friskier this morning .... having felt ‘one degree under’ yesterday.... which is maybe why I slept so long.

Today is Jimmy’s Birthday;so “Happy Birthday Jems”;being as this is the Hutte we don’t divulge Top Secret info such as which birthday…