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Lovely morning ... in spite of easterly wind

30th April 2017 (Sunday) .... 09.30    There’s a brisk Easterly wind coming off the North Sea and this is taking a few degrees off what could be a really warm day.      Having said that, I have been down on the beach and, though breezy, it isn’t as cold as I expected it would be.... but I was wearing a warm fleece.    It’s actually a nice day for walking round the villages.... and there is a hazy light that makes interesting photographs:  the ‘haze’ will most likely become cloud later in the day;  however the forecast is for a sunny, if cool, afternoon.

20.30     I think that ‘today’ has been the busiest the villages have been for a very long time... they, the villages (Elie and Earlsferry) were ‘burstin’ at the seams’ in the afternoon;  which is when I went out to get the last four ‘scarecrows’ that I needed to ‘tick off’ to complete the list.   There are more than those listed;   I came across another four, and there are probably more than that.   
My day has not just involved  pood…

Elie (and Earlsferry) Scarecrow Festival ... Day 2 ....

29th April 2017 (Saturday)       08.30    It’s ‘overcast and dry’, with the sun forecast to break through later in the morning.... there is a breeze, from the Southeast.   It is cool just now, but if the wind strengthens it will be cold, with that wind direction.    My ‘plan’ is to go out on the bike, to photograph the ‘scarecrows’.... and I’ll be ‘wrapped up’.    ‘Slight flap on’,.... I forgot to ‘fire up’ the kettle.

20.30     I have covered a few miles on the bike searching out ‘scarecrows’ today;   including my biking out to Ardross into a southeast wind.     Coming back was easy.    That said I did the Ardross trip when the wind was at its quietest, and therefore warmest!    It turned colder later in the afternoon;   by which time I was entrenched in Ivy with a hot cuppa.... ‘scarecrow mission’ nigh on completed.    Although I had my phone in my pocket I didn’t switch it onto ‘tracker’,  so I don’t know the total distance travelled.
When I went out at 09.30 I thought  I’d be the fi…

Elie (and Earlsferry) Scarecrow Festival ... Day one

28th April 2017 (Friday) .....   09.00  and we have a beautiful morning for “Elie (and Earlsferry) Scarecrow Festival” Day One;   bright, sunny and warm with very little wind;   it is forecast to cloud over in the afternoon , but to remain dry.     The ‘Festival’ ends on Bank Holiday Monday.     Maps can be bought (£2) from the shops in Elie.    ‘Your’ money goes to the Elie (and Earlsferry) Fayre Day Group.... and all the money it raises goes to support various local organisations and charities.

21.00    It has been a lovely day for wandering around the villages looking for ‘scarecrows’ .... and we have had a lot of folks doing just that.   It is a good family event, and not only do you have the fun on looking for the scarecrows, you get the joy of wandering around our lovely villages;   and there are convenient places to stop for a rest and refreshments:  don’t forget to visit the harbour!
I went out for a walk along the beach first thing this morning and it was absolutely stunning ..…

Bright and breezy ....

27th April 2017 (Drop in Cafe Day) .... 08.00    It’s a braw kind of morning;  a mixture of clouds, and ‘bloo’ sky, with a frisky wind..... and it’s not too warm yet though it is supposed to become warmer later today.     The wind is forecast to increase by midday so I’m going out on the bike after I’ve fed “Blob” and friends.
I expect the will villages be busy this weekend, with it being the ‘may day’ Bank holiday.  

22.00     I did go out on the bike after breakfast;  up to Elie for the paper,  then home by the estate.   I saw a Red Squirrel this morning... in fact I might have seen two, but I wasn’t sure about the second sighting.      The oaken beams of ‘Oak House’  are beginning to disappear behind different layers of cladding;  but will still be visible on the inside.    Having said that, the “Oak House” is going to look ‘different’ from its more traditional neighbour:  the ‘floor plan’ is unusual!    There are two houses being built on the site just now, and there are another tw…

Bright, sunny and cold ....

26th April 2017 (Wednesday)  .... 08.00    We have “bright and sunny” this morning, but it is forecast to cloud over later:  and,  that cauld wintry feel to the air, is still with us.    I’m organised for Leven, and Kirkcaldy;   I only have the bird feeders to fill...cannae neglect “Blob” and Co.... and have a cuppa.

20.30    ‘The Boy’ has had a hectic day, and is looking forward to having a ‘sleep in’ tomorrow morning.     The Kirkcaldy trip was a successful mission, as was getting the car timing belt fitted.   The next thing with the car is to get the rear wheel arches looking bonnier;  this could be the problem.    In the meantime I’m going to enjoy driving ‘her’.
When in Kirkcaldy I had a walk down to ‘the Prom’, which is a mile and half of traffic free perambulating space:   it was also nigh on free of people ‘perambulating’ today... then again, there was a cool Northerly wind blowing.
On the way back to the Bus Station I ‘tangled’ up with a couple of men selling something!    One o…

Snow! .... on the Royal Burgh! .... Not good.

25th April 2017 (Tuesday) ....  we have some interesting clouds around this
morning .... oh... jings, I nearly forgot;  we also have a thin layer (1cm) of snow ....  snow having the audacity to fall onto The Royal Burgh! .... this is not good.   
I’ve been out for a  walk;  up to the Pony Field and golf course, then down to the beach.    There are heavy clouds that could bring in more showers of snow/sleet, but the sky seems to be clearing from the West so we might end up with a bonnie, if cold, afternoon.Jimmy needs to go shopping so that will take us up until lunch time.    I might get the bike out in the afternoon.

22.30     I never did get the bike out,... there was a gale o’ wind most of the afternoon, with the odd shower (hail/sleet) passing over, so I abandoned any thought of biking.    Having said that I did walk down to the beach in the early evening.... by this time the wind had dropped and it was quite warm in the evening sunshine, and I enjoyed a pleasant half hour bumblin…

Car check up ....

24th April 2017 (Monday) ... 08.00    we have a “bright, breezy and cold” morning ... a good morning for being out and about, well wrapped up, or  sheltered from the wind.    My ‘plan’ involves taking the Fiesta along to the garage for a check over.... and I might as well go to Sainsbury’s for a coffee... and a wee ‘shopping’ .... when I’m finished at the garage.
20.00     Jings ... we had one wild spell of weather in the middle of the afternoon;   heavy showers of hailstones, with a wind of at F8.   I did not go out on the bike today.    The wind dropped by evening time, but the heavy shower clouds remained.... and it was much colder, with a real wintry feel to it.
The mechanics are happy with the Fiesta, but, and I was expecting this .... the timing belt has to be replaced.   I am happy to do this, and have the wheel arches made good.     ‘She’ goes in for the timing belt on Wednesday, and when that is done I’ll go down to Kingdom Auto to see about the wheel arches.   After all this …

Bonnie morning .... but cool

23rd April 2017 (Sunday) .......  “Happy St George’s Day”to all my  friends in Merry England this morning.... do a bit of the Morris dancing, pick dandelion flowers to make wine with;   drink last year's Dandelion Wine .... enjoy  your Patron Saint’s Day, whatever you choose to do!   
We have a slightly overcast and cool morning in the East Neuk, but it should brighten up later on.    I’ve been ‘doon at the harbour’ and roond Elie Estate on the bike;  it’s a nice morning for being active.    I’d do some Morris dancing but I’m clean out o’ bits o’ wood:   and my knees are sair!

21.30     I had to make do with the Union Flag for St George;   I must get a proper St George’s cross flag for next year.    I have been fairly busy today;  going down to the harbour and round Elie Estate on the bike before breakfast.... then some gardening after breakfast:    and I managed to get dirt under my nails like a proper gardener does.    No wonder I was feeling ‘weak and tired’ by lunch time.    H…

'Crane In' at Elie Harbour .....

22nd April 2017 (Saturday) ....  08.00   Gorgeous morning for ‘Crane In’.... ‘bright and sunny’ with a light westerly wind.    A braw morning for watching the boats goin’ in..... though it is cool;  and will be even cooler down at the harbour!     There are a few clouds appearing from the West... they always add interest to photographs... though we won’t  need clouds to do that at ‘Crane In’..... there will be plenty, interesting, ‘nautical’ activity going on.   Orf to have a cuppa.

20.30   ‘Crane In’ went smoothly, and all the boats were ‘in’ before midday;  except the wooden boat I;   the owner didn’t turn up so it remains on the ‘grass’... where it has been for 18 months.    It was cold down at the harbour, but braw in the ‘Club House’, where I had a cuppa with Jimmy and Steve.   After that I left the warmth of the Club to go out and get some photos.   I spoke to a lady from Lower Largo;   she was taking photos, for an ‘exhibition’ in the Elie Sailing Club in August, from the top o…

Overcast and windy morning ..... bonnie afternoon and evening

21st April 2017 (Friday)  .... 08.30    It’s overcast and windy this morning, but dry:    I have two jerseys out on the line, so I hope it stays that way.    The sun is forecast to break through later in the afternoon, so I’m feeling ‘positive’ .... and ‘friskier’ than I have done  for the past few days.  
The only ‘plan’ for today, is the  setting up of a bird bath;  “Blob” and friends need to have a bath now and again.    I have the equipment, all I need to do is fit it all together!

21.30    Mmmmm....  this has been a sort of ‘mixed up’ day for me.   For a start I didn’t get the bird bath erected:   but I did fill the bath part so the birds could have a bath, but it’s on the ground, and I don’t like that:  the problem was it began to rain so I went to Leven to do some shopping.
The ‘Food Bank’ folks were in Sainsbury’s;   I donated and ended up with two new ‘girlfriends’.   When you really think about it there’s something far wrong with our country, when some folks are relying on fo…

Butterfly House St Andrews Botanic Gardens ....

20th April 2017 (Drop in Cafe Day) .... yes .... it’s a bonnie morning, “bright and sunny” with a light westerly breeze;  definitely a morning for visiting St Andrews Botanic Gardens.    There will be lot of light about, so it will be a fast shutter speed.   I’ve been up to Chapel Green on the bike, for a wee bit of pre breakfast exercise;  it is a good day for being ‘out and about’.    I’m orf to get the camera and stuff ready.... then I’ll have a cuppa.

20.30    Jim and I had a really good morning up at the “Botanic Gardens! (St Andrews);  with most of the time being spent in the ‘Butterfly House’.    It is full of mostly Southern Hemisphere butterflies.... and is cosy, being 27c.     There are coat hangers on which to hang your jackets etc.... because you are leaving a temperature of 9c to go into a hot 27c.    With it being a bright day the butterflies were all over the place, but most of them settled to feed now and again.     You had to tread carefully as they settled on the floo…

Overcast and breezy.... but warm; and dry

19th April 2017 (Wednesday) .... 09.00    Hmmmmm .... it is overcast but dry (though it looks like we could catch some spits and spots o’ rain), with a light, and warmer, Westerly wind;   and, we should get some sunny spells in the afternoon.   I don’t have a ‘plan’ for today:  I’ll probably get the bike out after I have another cuppa.... I need some exercise.    Cars are useful;   but not but not when it comes to keeping fit.

12.30     It’s actually cooler now than it was first thing.... the wind has increased in strength, and with that so has the chill factor.    I walked along the beach for the papers, and ‘bumped into’ Myra at the top of School Wynd;   Myra reckoned that I looked like a ‘stray mutt’ (I must remember to brush my hair before I go out), and invited me to join herself and Jim in the ‘Harbour House’ for morning coffee.   This was a good opportunity to quiz Jim and Myra aboot the ‘tram recording’ thing I ‘came across’ the other day;  Jim and Myra come from opposite end…

Early frost ....

18th April 2017 (Tuesday) .... 08.30    It is a lovely morning, (after an early frost), but there is a layer of thin cloud that needs burning off before we get some warm sunshine.    I’ll get the bike out, after the sun gets going!   I haven't  formulated a plan for today .... apart from an appointment at St Andrews later in the afternoon.    However, after breakfast I’ll load up  the  car boot with shopping bags etc, ready for a shopping session (small)... probably at Morrison’s.   

22.30     We’ve had a lovely day in the East Neuk .... it was 12c in the garden around midday .... it was so hot that Jimmy and I nearly had an attack of ‘the mauchless’;  we were sitting in the Hutte.    The temperature inside the Hutte was 24c;   I had to open the door.

In the morning we went out for a short run along to St Monans then up to Arncroach in the Fiesta to find out where funny noises were emanating from:  they came from the tools, which were fixed metal to metal, and rattling like the cl…

Overcast but dry .... good morning for working

17th April 2017 (Monday) ..... 08.00     Our weather is, “overcast, but dry, with the chance of a few showers later” .... not a bad morning for doing things, even if it is cool in the Westerly breeze.      I’m feeling ‘fresh and playful’ this morning, but, I have things to do so the ‘playing’ will have to wait.     Must ‘go’ ... “slight flap on”;   the kettle will be boiling. 

21.00     I have a hectic day, and will be glad to get to bed to read a bit more about Yorkshire circa 1938.    My ‘mission’ for today was to ‘scrap’ Sooper Buggy, then get the ‘new’ car taxed and insured ;  and this has been done.

I began by phoning ‘Noble Re-Cycling (Kirkcaldy)’ to see if they were open today;   they were, so I promptly jumped into ‘Sooper Buggy’ and drove her along to the scrap yard.    She was running like a sewing machine, but there were far too many other things going wrong so she had to go.    There was an element of sadness about this ‘mission’; ‘Sooper Buggy’ was the last car that Maggi…