Bright and breezy .... not raining!

17th August 2017 (Thursday)  ... 09.00     This morning we have, near enough, a ‘wall to wall’ hazy, blue sky;  a bonnie, ‘bright and breezy’ start to Thursday.    I’ve been out (bike) and, being that I am feeling energetic, I’ll take advantage of the weather and go out again this morning:   the forecast for Friday (tomorrow) is not good.

Ants nest .....

16th August 2017 (Wednesday) ... 10.00    I’ve been out early on what is my favourite kind of morning;   calm and peaceful.    I went along to Elie, for the papers, then down to the harbour to get a few ‘reflection’ photographs:  not that I need them .... I already have hundreds ... but our villages do bonnie reflections.    From the harbour I sped(?) along to Chapel Green to get some photos of Captain Latto, who was setting creels close into Walker’s Rock.  

When I was taking the Chapel Green photos I suddenly became aware of a cloud of insects flying around my head... ants doing their nuptial flight!    I was ‘stood staunin’  smack on top of their nest.    I moved away from them, 30 metres or so, but they followed me;  some Queens  had landed on  my hat and jacket, and the males, who were ‘in love’, followed ‘my’ Queens.   After shaking the ants orf I moved a further 10 metres away... nae ants.     Luckily, being ‘in love’ they had other things on their minds so weren’t biting.


Bonnie .. get stuff done ... day ....

15th August 2017 (Tuesday) ...08.30    There’s a lot of cloud about, and I have a washing to hang out:  it looks like we could get showers but I’m going to hang it (the washing) out anyway, and hope the showers miss us.    There is ‘bloo’ sky to the West .... and ... it’s coming our way! 

HMS Queen Elizabeth (aircraft carrier) is in the English Channel making for her home port Portsmouth, ... arriving there early tomorrow, Wednesday, morning.     Heavy lift vessel Albatross remains moored up off Corpus Christi.
The washing is ‘out’;  now I’m going to have a walk down to the beach, have a cuppa when I get back to Ivy, then do some ‘ousework.  

15.00    Oh my word .... this is ‘ree-dic-u-liss’, the shade temperature in  Ivy garden is 23c;  that’s Okay for mad dogs and Englishmen, (Noel Coward), but not for this Scottish Boy who likes cool!     Here are the first two verses of “Mad Dogs and Englishmen”.

Mad Dogs And Englishmen    Noel Coward In tropical climes there are certain times of day

Hmmmmm ..... it's raining

14th August 2017 (Monday) .... Jings, the Buddleia bush is looking wet and miserable this dreich morning:  we have steady rain, and only a breath of wind (from the south east), so the flower-heads are heavy, with water dripping orf the ends .... not a pretty sight.    The rain is forecast to become more ‘intermittent’ by the afternoon, with a small chance of some sightings of the sun:   this is definitely a good  “coffee in Sainsbury’s Cafe, followed by a shopping session” morning.    Must go, slight flap on...  not good when I’m going to have my BP checked.

21.00    The shopping trip to Leven was a good move ... it wasn’t raining in Leven, and the sun broke through the clouds.    That weather eventually moved along to Elie and Earlsferry, but not until after midday.... but it has been a funny kind of day with the weather... very unsettled.   I had an enjoyable ‘retail therapy’ session in Sainsbury’s, managing to remember everything that was on the list;   the list was at home,....  on…

Quiet villages ....

13th August 2017 (Sunday) .... 08.30     Jings the village was quiet this morning .... with only John, a singleton jogger, myself, and the ‘Paper Shop’ staff  visible first thing;  however the ‘active’ population had increased by the time I was on my way home.    It is a lovely morning by the way;   there’s a touch of autumn in the air... perfect for being ‘up and out’ early.    It’s strange how fireworks are only set orf late at night .... one of those ‘banger’ things at 06.00 would have had everyone ‘up’, and out,  enjoying the Elie and Earlsferry early morning vibes.    

20.30     Today I managed to get out on the bike three times .... first time was early morning.. the second when I had a mid-morning flask of coffee up at the Boss’s Seat ... and the third time was  late in the afternoon, after I’d  repaired a puncture .    I’d noticed that the rear tyre was losing pressure, but today it was absolutely flat.   There was a thorn in the tyre,.... that’s the usual cause of punctures …

Not a day to be a grouse ....

12th August 2017 (Saturday) .... 06.30    Mmmmm  ... not only is it  bleak looking... it is bleak;  in fact very bleak  ... and the wind is from the North because the rain, aye it’s raining, is hitting the kitchen window:  not a morning for getting ‘up and out’ early.    This rain is due to clear away by 08.03;  until then I will eat stuff, think, and have a few cuppas.    
The is the ‘Glorious Twelfth’ ....a day when grouse would be best advised to keep their ‘landing gear’ firmly attached to Mother Earth .... which is why the shooters employ beaters.   It doesn’t take much skill to be a ‘hunter gatherer’ nowadays.

22.30    It has been a strange old day;  warm and sunny after the rain cleared away, but  it clouded over again by evening time, with some bonnie clouds I might add;   some of which gave us spits and spots of rain.   I was intending to try and get a photo of the Perseids meteor shower tonight, but .... unless the clouds make a rapid ‘exit stage left’ there’s unlikely to be a…

Not a good hair day .... it's raining ....

11th August 2017 (Friday) .... 08.30    Mmmmm .... we have rain, accompanied by a brisk wind, so not a very nice morning.    There were spits and spots
 when I  went up to the ‘Paper Shop’, but it was ‘proper’ rain by the time I got back to Ivy.    The bike is back in the shed... and I have the kettle ‘on’;   it looks like we’re in for a wet morning .... at least.

21.30    We did end up with some sunny spells after lunch;  however a few showers crept in during the evening to spoil it.    I set out to go up to the Pony Field/Quarry but saw a heavy shower coming my way, and remembered getting caught out up there not long ago;  so .... I went back to Ivy and had a cuppa!    The shower
didn’t touch the ‘Royal Burgh’.... ‘sod’s law’ I suppose .... I could have had my walk.   I’m ‘in residence’ now, and that’s where I’m going to stay  ... there’s another dark cloud towards the West.   I’ll get ‘up’ early in the morning and go out on the bike.
I’ve had a quiet day by my standards;   though I…