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Nuts and cones morning - hibernate!

2nd November 2015
(Monday) ..... 08.30Yesterday we hadfantastic weather for the time of year .... and I was looking forward to more of it, however the forecast is for typical November weather for the next few days.This morning we have ‘normal’ November weather..... dull and damp, though not cold.I’ll put the kettle ‘on’ , make a cuppa, then do an ironing.... the tide is ‘wrong’ for me going down to the rocks .... it’s ‘in’.Low tide is around
18.30What I thought was going to be a ‘grey’ and dismal kind of day, turned into a busy, happy ‘doing stuff ‘ day.During the aforementioned cuppa, I eventually decided that I’d go out in the early morning and get some ‘foggy’ photographs:across the golf course the round Chapel Green and down to and home via the beach, the point of this exercise being:I’ve got legs, “use ‘em, or lose ‘em”.When I got back to Ivy Jim phoned to say that the “Deer Centre” trip, planned yesterday, was still on, so I had a quick cuppa and orf we went.By the time we got t…

Restful Sunday

1st November 2015 (Sunday) ....08.30Yes yes yes .... we have a gorgeous, bright and sunnymorning, ... the lovely golden red sunset of last night must have worked.It’s a ‘feel good’ morning .... however, my muscles are still sore and stiff, but should slacken orf after I have a shower.Jings this computer has taken to writing in Welsh;it’s either that or, I’m hitting the right keys but at the wrong time.Better go and have that shower, then get ready f or the kirk.
22.00For November the weather today has been excellent;the hottest November day ever, in the UK, was recorded in Wales ... 22.4c (72.3f)We hada nice warm sunny day here too though nothing like that... 17c. in Ivy garden at one point.
It was good to see a lot of folks in the kirk (it was a joint service) and at the coffee afterwards:even ‘my’ gallery had a family in it, including children, which brought the place to ‘life’.There was a Bluebottle flying around at gallery height and as far as I could see it had the whole kirk to i…