At last .... "Sunny Sussex"....

26th December 2017 (Tuesday) Boxing Day ... so named because it’s the day that postmen etc, got a gift box from the people they served over the year.    The
Birthday cake .... it was very tasty,
practice is thought to have originated in Victorian Britain.   

We have ‘sunny Sussex’ this morning .... the first since I arrived that is has been thus ....  a nice morning for a walk round to Leeann and Martyn’s.

22.30     Darcie, and her friends, enjoyed her family party, (the main party was a week ago at a ‘Party Venue’);   as did the adults, who enjoyed loads of food, various liquid refreshments.... with plenty of people with which to chat.   Martyn  cooked a huge (19kg) ham, which he bought at Smithfield Market, and it was absolutely delicious..... this naughty boy has had his share of food this Christmas.   ‘JB’ and I decided to walk home thee long way round, by way of
.... some of party goers.
Church Street, for some exercise;   and to visit the kirk.    The kirk was open for prayer and meditation.   By the time we left the kirk John was thinking of joining the clergy;   and there were a few spits and spots of rain blowing through.    Holy Cross church is a big and bonnie church inside... and, like Kinneuchar, is built on the site of an older, pre - Reformation Chapel situated on a pilgrimage route from Canterbury to Lewes and beyond.

I don’t have a ‘plan’ for tomorrow.... right now we have wind and rain, and the weather will dictate tomorrow’s activities; and the forecast is not promising at all.   Sleet and snow showers have been mentioned for Sussex and the Southeast!

We spent this evening playing domino’s, a game I haven’t played for years;   Janice
.... blowing out the candles.

and Michael against ‘JB’ and me.  It was hilarious, and in the end Janice and Michael won ... 2 – 1.....though it might have been the other way round.   


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