Feeling dynamic .... slightly

22nd March 2018 (Thursday) .... I went  round the villages on the bike before breakfast, and i can tell you that all is well at the Centre of the Universe.    The
Elie Harbour.
weather leaves a bit to be desired, being that the sky overcast, and there’s brisk breeze from the Southwest.... but it isn’t awfie cold.....(it isn’t awfie warm either).      We should get a few ‘sunny/bright spells’ later;   but, light rain is forecast for evening and overnight.     I’m feeling slightly dynamic this morning ..... I’ll have a walk round the garden;   that should  bring me back to earth.      There’s a lot to do in the garden.    I might do a wee bit out there later .... its the garden rubbish bucket (broon) this week.

Greenock fishing boat... "The Pride of Wales", in Anstruther. harbour.
21.00      This ‘boy’ is tired, having been reasonably active all day.    Instead of having a walk round the garden I circumnavigated the villages on my bike.    Even though the sky was overcast, there was a ‘bonnie’ kind of light about, so I enjoyed myself with the camera.    I don’t know why I keep repeating that fact,   because, as you already know, that’s mostly all that I do .... take, and play with, photographs.    It’s where we live.... it’s perfect for someone who has photography as a hobby.    Feeling that I deserved some small reward, for all the exercising, I went along to Harbour House to have ‘morning coffee’ with Myra, Jim and Geoff.    Just before I set off to bike along the ‘HH’, the phone rang:  it was the receptionist  for the opticians letting me know that my ‘computer’ specs were ready to be picked up.   Instead of biking, I took the car to ‘Harbour House, and went to Anstruther after morning coffee.   The new specs seem perfect.

In the afternoon I took a birthday cake to the Drop in Cafe.    It’s my birthday
The 'birthday boy'.
tomorrow, and at some time in the day I will be 2,524,608,000 seconds old.    That is two billion, five hundred and twenty four million, six hundred and eight thousand seconds.     OMG that’s almost auld!     My friend Joe, in Sussex, will also be that age tomorrow:  Joe is the only other person, I know, who was born on the same day.    At the ‘Drop in Cafe’ we celebrate birthdays on the ‘Cafe’ date nearest to an attendee’s birthday.    We live in a friendly,....... old fashioned, loving community.    It’s not just a bonnie place for ‘playing’ with a camera.   

The ‘Troops’ are coming down from Auchnagatt on Saturday, and we’re going to Kellie to have a bumble around the garden to get some ‘Spring’ photos.    The weather forecast for Saturday is good.

I don’t have any ‘plans’ for my birthday tomorrow..... but I will go up to The Boss’ seat at some time in the day.    The weather forecast for tomorrow is a bit ‘iffy’ for morning time, but brighter in the afternoon.


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