Bright and sunny ....

29th March 2018 (Thursday) ....08.00    We have a ‘bright and sunny, but nippy’ spring morning;   there’s a fairly heavy frost,(-2c), which should lift rapidly
'Sheep' shortbread -  and very tasty it is!
once the sun gets going.    I’ll go to Leven in the car.... that way I will be back home sooner;   it is a good day for going out on the bike ..... once the temperature rises:   However, there’s a ‘slight flap on’ as I, sort of, overslept.... another reason for taking the car.     Better have a quick breakfast. 


10.00     Welll.... that’s me ready for Easter weekend.... haircut, food , and car ‘moored up’.      Today was the first time I’ve had my haircut it the upstairs part of the hairdressers;  in fact I didn’t even know there was an ‘upstairs’.     The upstairs must be the ‘Tardis’ of hair salons;   it’s huge..... I was taken aback by the size of it.    The lassie worked her ‘magic’ once more, and I can see my lugs again.
On the way home I got caught with the traffic lights at Scoonie.     In the queue, six
Alien tracks on the 'Royal' beach!
cars in front of me, were three cyclists.     I’d have bumbled across to the pavement and walked through the roadworks, and been on my way to Lundin Links, instead of waiting for the lights to change in my favour, but they blethered for the six minutes we were held up.    Maybe walking the pavement, pushing a bike, would be ‘cheating’ .... and it is a bonnie day for blethering.  


20.30     Regarding my trip to Leven:   I was back at Ivy, 5 minutes before the ‘95’ bus I’d  have been on, left Leven Bus Station .... so taking the car was a time saver.    With it being \a bonnie morning I biked up to Elie for the paper,.... and went into Harbour House for Coffee, with Myra, Jim and Geoff.    Though the wind negligible, what wind there was, was from the East... and chilly on the hands.    The wind is to be from the East over Easter... and cold.    We had the ‘Drop in Cafe’ in the afternoon;   I biked
Our first beach hut of the season.
along to that:  my hands and face feel sunburnt tonight.     It disnae take much sun to burn this Scottish person!

What am I going to do tomorrow?     Well the weather forecast is not very encouraging, so it looks like I will not be going out on the bike.    Tomorrow could be ‘damp’, on an easterly wind!    Not good.    I’ll go down to the beach early, then do stuff in/around Ivy,.... perhaps I could begin to Spring clean the book shelves.   I certainly have plenty that I could/should do.


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