Much rain, and melting snow = flooding

 5th March 2018 (Monday)....08.00      Today we have rain, and tomorrow’ is forecast rain.... perhaps even heavier than today;  so.... I imagine that flooding will
Kilconquhar .... this morning.
be the next problem.    It is very grey, and very wet.   Not pretty weather, but it is clearing the snow.    I will venture down to the harbour (by car) for a scenery change, and .... I might even go as far as Kinneuchar, though it’s not really a morning for bumbling about outside.     Actually my knees and hips are only now recovering, from my walking around in the snow, so I’m not that bothered by not being able to wander around;   I can’t!    The sore hips, and knees, is (probably) why I’ve been  feeling under the weather for the past couple of days.    Must go ‘slight flap on’ .... I want to have another cuppa before going down to the harbour.    The run to the harbour, via the ‘Paper Shop’ is my way of warming up the car.

The burgers are ready ......
11.00     I am going to have ‘Hutte Finest Morning Coffee’ .... and a chocolate biscuit!    That is naughty (the biscuit)... but it’s a chocolate biscuit kind of morning.     I’ve been to the ‘Paper Shop’, the harbour, and the Surgery to have blood taken, then, finally, up to Kinneuchar;  the general impression is that everything, and everywhere, outside, is wet.... and not overly warm.     Yes .... it’s a stay in kind of day;     it will be computer things today.

16.30    Wellll .... as far the weather went, it has been a dreary sort of day;  certainly not a day for bumbling about on the beach.     I am renowned for doing stupid things, but even I have not been on the beach today.    And yet, when we a dog I went out in all weathers .... and enjoyed it.    But I have been browsing the beach via the computer. 
..... and I like burgers!
  Reading my book came to mind, but that’s a bedtime thing;   and I couldn’t be bothered

going to my bed.   I fell asleep in front of the tele instead.

19.30     Tomorrow we have another day of wet weather from the East, before the wind backs to the West .... to give us a change:   hopefully a change that includes, at least, a few ‘sunny spells’.       I have a Dental appointment in Anstruther tomorrow, so that will be a change of scene;   it’s only a check up so shouldn’t take long.    As far as I can make out the rain is going to be heavier tomorrow, so I won’t be going out on Anstruther pier;  in fact I won’t be doing very much in the way of walking at all.      

I’m off to see what I can find on the tele ..... there’s bound to be something that will attract my attention for an hour or two.


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