Grey and wet ....

4th March 2018 (Sunday) .... 10.45    Wellll .... that’s the best ‘sleep in’ I’ve had in years;   I didn’t surface until  10.15!       I watched a film, (“A little Chaos”) last
The Ferry beach ... 2004.
night until 11.30:   actually it ended funny.     It was about a gardener (fictional) building a garden at Versailles.    Normally I don’t watch late night films but this one held my attention;  until they, the gardeners, (girl and boy) were in bed, (about to waste a couple of hours good sleep by the look of it)  .... so I decided to make myself a cuppa.    When I got back to the film the credits were on the screen.    I never did see the finished garden.     Maybe there’s another episode to come.    Anyway I didn’t get to bed until midnight... then read my book until 00.30;  nae wonder I slept in.
We have another cold and grey day, with occasional flurries of snowflakes ... and rain;   and the thaw continues.    It’s a bit of a mix up really.    I have nae plans for today... apart from circumnavigating the village in the car.    Actually I’m feeling
What is wisnae like today!
frolicsome this morning, so a sleep in has done some good.    Jings it will soon be lunch time and I've just had breakfast!

15.30    This is the bleakest kind of weather .... grey, wet and miserable.    That said the snow is running down the road, as water, so I am liking that.    I haven’t been very far today,   only out to take a couple of ‘melting snow look’ photographs. ... and topping up the bird feeders.     I don’t have to de-ice, and top up the water dish today.   The rest of the time I’ve spent on the computer.... looking at summery pictures.... and watching the indoor athletics.    Monday and Tuesday’s weather is forecast to be much the same.... overcast and wet;   at least the snow is shifting.....and, we could get a touch of sunshine in the middle of the week.

19.30     I don’t have much in the way of action planned for tomorrow;  I don’t think the
..... What it was like today.
weather is going to be conducive to outside activities anyway.     I may go down to the harbour, in the car, for a change of scenery .... but that depends on how heavy the rain is.    I’m assuming that the sun won’t be shining.    Right now I’m going to make a cuppa, and see what I can find on the tele to watch:  whatever I find, if anything, I won’t be staying up as late as I did last night..... and ....  I will not be ‘sleeping in’ tomorrow morning!     I might start a project on the computer tomorrow;   something to challenge the brain.


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