Friendship Lunch ....

14th March 2018 (Wednesday) .... only another 6 days until the Vernal (Spring Equinox).... the beginning of Spring, and the moment in time when the sun is immediately above the equator... which event happens at 16.15 (GMT) on the 20th
Elie pier ... and it was not warm!
March this year.
   Bring on Spring!    Actually we have a bonnie enough morning, sadly spoiled by a brisk breeze from the east, and a lot of cloud;   we have had the odd ‘sunny spell’..... and there’s long sunny spell breaking through at 12.30 .... the ‘Friendship Lunch’!    Must go go go .... ‘flap on’.   Why am I flappin’?     Jings I’ve forgotten what I was flappin’ aboot.    Oh .... I’m going to feed ‘Blob’ .... he appeared outside the computer room window, wearing his “I’m here” look.

12.30    I decided to cancel any plan to go biking today;   it’s too cold and windy for me.    I did take the car and go for the paper, and went down to the harbour.    The visit to the harbour confirmed what I already knew;  it is windy, and it is cold!    Harbour House is cosy, which is where I joined Myra, Jim and Geoff for morning coffee.

19.30    Having scoffed two Salmon rolls, and two pieces of chocolate cake at the Friendship Lunch, I didn’t have to cook a big meal for dinner tonight.    ‘Dinner’ tonight was a slice of Welsh Rarebit, and an apple.

The wind has been brisk and very cold all day, so I thought I’d have a walk round Kinneuchar with the camera this afternoon,....  away from the sea for a change.    The sky was overcast but the walk was enjoyable.      In the end I had to abort the walk, not because of the wind, I was sheltered by houses most of the way round, but because I ran out of space on the camera card.    Silly boy.    Anyway the card has been cleared, and I’m ready to ‘go’ tomorrow:   having said that, the weather for tomorrow is not of
the exciting ‘bright and sunny’ kind .... more of your, ‘windy and cold, with a good chance of rain later’.    What I am pleased about today is the fact that I was able to wander round Kinneuchar in reasonable comfort ..... something I wouldn’t have been able to do a couple of days ago.    Obviously my knee is recovering from the time, when I was ‘walking like a penguin’, in the snow.
 The ‘plan’ for ‘ra morra’ is to go to Tesco’s in Cupar (for a change of scenery) to do a wee shopping, including a couple of their ‘Finest Range’ fish pies.   


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