Early frost .... but bright and sunny

8th March 2018 (Thursday) .... 08.30    There’s a touch of frost this morning, but it is a bonnie morning, if slightly cold.     Although there isn’t much of a
Elie this morning.

wind at all,  and therefore not really a ‘drying day’, I have a washing going through the machine.    I had thought of doing some things in the garden this morning,.... but it’s cauld.    The afternoon is taken care of, as we have the ‘Drop in Cafe’;   so what will I do with the morning?     Of course .... I could go to the beach!  

21.30     My morning was easily ‘filled’;   I went to Harbour House, with Myra Jim and Geoff.... and ... Harbour House was busy;  with two tables full  of ‘girlfriends’.    Harbour House is always a happy place to have coffee/tea.    When I got back to Ivy I
Elie harbour.
pruned the Clematis, (note to me....  must get a haircut next week) and filled the ‘broon’ bucket, with clematis bits.

The ‘Drop in Cafe’ was busy this week;  of course we had two weeks news to catch up on.    Everyone has recovered from the winter weather, and enjoying this spell sunny weather.    That said, when i came out of the ‘Cafe’ it was to discover a rain shower passing over ... and ... I had my washing on the line.    Luckily I was back in Ivy before it got really wet..... it will be a nice ironing job. 

This evening, the History Society had an interesting presentation/ talk on the sinking of the SS Avondale Park .... the last ship to be sunk by the enemy in WWII.     The speaker, Glen Jones, kept the audience enthralled with an  interesting, and entertaining history of the ‘Avondale’ from her launch in Nova Scotia, in early 1944, to her demise, southeast of May Island on the 7th May 1945.    We had coffee /tea after the talk;   and
Shags at Elie Harbour.
much chat.    This has been a good day, with loads of chatting.    I have enjoyed ‘today’ ..... I think my ‘penguin’ knees are getting back to normal.

Our weather is to me ‘more of the same’ tomorrow, but windier:   Saturday brings a change ..... rain.    I’ll hang my washing out again tomorrow morning .... and do the ironing on Saturday!       Jim and I will go to Harbour House for coffee in the morning tomorrow;  Myra is otherwise engaged and is leaving Jim in charge.   


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