Feeling perky ....

10th March 2018 (Saturday) .... 08.30    Oh dear .... as per forecast we have “wet and windy”, coming in from the North sea;   not a pretty morning ....  as far
Aboyne Home Guard 1940.
as the weather goes.     However we do have the Coffee Morning, at 10.00, ... and, there’s always an abundance of sunshine at our CM’s.    
In spite of the dreich weather, I’m actually feeling perky:  my aches and pains are all in the right places, and I’m wanting to do things.    On a perky scale from 1 - 10 ... I'd say that I am at 9.    That’s excellent.  

 14.00      The Coffee Morning was excellent;  exactly what I/we needed on a wet and miserable day.    I missed the Home Baking table on the way in, too busy looking for a table to sit at, but got it on the way out:  by which time the Gingerbread had ‘sold out’.    In fact the gingerbread is so popular that it had sold out by 10.10 .... so I would have been too late anyway, as I didn’t get there until 10.15.    However I did buy a good mixture of goodies;  enough to see me through this grey day.... and a bit more.

Once again I have been ‘browsing’ my older photographs, so we’re going to have three of those on ‘The Hutte’ today:   starting with areal ‘blast from the past .... one of the Aboyne Home Guard in 1941, with, what looks to me like a WWI Lewis Light Machine Gun set up as an anti aircraft weapon.    I’m sure someone will know if that is what it is.
St Monans Auld Kirk ... from yacht Rum Rig.

20.30     The weather might have been ‘iffy’, but it gave me the chance of a good browsing session.      It’s not aimless browsing;  I’m placing all the cliff and Chainwalk photo folders, into one folder .... with (at the moment) 2245 photographs... but I have more ‘backed up’ files, on external drives and DVD’s, to look through, so there could be more. 
I took time out from the computer to watch Ireland beat Scotland 28 – 8 in the Six Nations Rugby;   Ireland well deserved to win, but the score doesn’t quite reflect  the effort Scotland put into the game:  of course effort doesn’t win matches... scoring does.    At the end of the day Ireland have won the Six Nations... and have only England to beat to claim a ‘Grand Slam’.

We are going to have sunny spells tomorrow.... and nae rain.   Well rain isn’t mentioned
St Ford poppies - 2007.
in any of the weather forecasts that I look at.    The Service is at Kinneuchar tomorrow;   I think I might make the effort and go to it.    There’s an especial, short service, in the afternoon, in/at Elie kirk, to remember all deceased loved ones.    I remember Maggie all the time, but I will definitely attend that service.


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