St Patrick's Day

17th March (Saturday- “St Patricks Day)      Enjoy St Patrick’s Day celebrations wherever you are;   hopefully your weather will be ‘bright, sunny and
Bright afternoon.... but cold..... 
warm’ on this happy day.

08.30      We do not have ‘bright, sunny and warm’ in Bonnie Scotland;  at least not in our bit of this lovely country.    Our weather is ‘windy and grey, with, intermittent,  snow showers’ .... undeniably wintry.    Oh ... and it’s cold!     Ivy hatches might not be un-battened today!     As for me .... I feel frolicsome,....  but, this ‘boy’ is not going to be frolicking far today;  and, right now, at this very moment ... only as far as the kitchen to make myself a mug o’ coffee!    Enjoy your day.... and stay cosy.
Ireland v Scotland in the Six Nations today.... that will keep me cosy, in the early part of the afternoon.

...... after a dull morning.
20.00      Welll .... this has been a bonnie, if cauld, day;   and I have enjoyed it, having been on the beach twice.    In between times I watched the rugby (two games), worked on the computer, ..... and drank cups o’ tea.     The Italy v Scotland game was nail biting from the first to the last whistle, with Scotland winning 29 – 27.    It was an exciting game to watch.    Ireland completed the Grand Slam by beating England 24 – 15.    I’m exhausted after play .... er watching all that rugby.

The wind is still from the East, and bringing in big rolling waves with it, so he bay has been rough again.    The wind is to be from the East again tomorrow, but less strong.     It was overcast, and the tide out, when I was on the beach in the morning, by afternoon we were having long sunny spells;  it was cold both times,... but bearable in the afternoon sunshine.

The villages are busy this weekend;   as they are most weekends.     Both times I was on
This afternoon.
the beach there were dog walkers out.... but no joggers.     Joggers add a bit of colour as well as life to a photo;  they,  joggers, are usually wearing  luminous, brightly coloured  clothing.

Tomorrow I intend getting ‘up and out’ early;  the plan being to get back to Ivy in time to go to the kirk at 11.00.     Of course if it is too cold in the wind I might not go ‘out’ .... well.... if I do go out it won’t be for long.    Frost is forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning.


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