More snow, wind and frost .... with blinks of sunshine!

1st March 2018 (Thursday) .... 08.30     Well that woke me up... and then some:   I was out on the beach and got caught in a 4 minute blizzard.... it’s a long time
Blizzard conditions - Earlsferry.
since I’ve been in that situation.     I enjoyed it, knowing that I’d be back in Ivy within 5 minutes, nursing a hot mug o’ coffee!     When I got to the beach didn’t intend leaving the slight shelter offered by the dunes .... but .... I noticed that the Cockstail rocks were plastered with snow/ice;   something I had have a photograph of.    It was when I was at the Cockstail that
got caught ‘out’ ... literally.   I photographed my way up, and onto, the bents, by which time it was blowing a full scale blizzard.     I’m now back in Ivy, with my second mug of coffee, happy with the photographs I got;   and the sun is shining!

10.30     Since the last update we've had three 'heavy snow squalls' .... they last for about 5 - 10 minutes, with short spells of sunshine in between.     Jimmy's (Mackie) funeral has been postponed because of the weather;   conditions on the roads are not good;   even here in the Royal Burgh and Elie.     I'm going to have a mug o' coffee then go for a walk .... hopefully catching a sunny spell.

15.45     This has been the worst day we’ve had for heavy, mini blizzard type showers;   every time I’ve been going to go for a, much looked forward too,  pleasant walk in the sun, I look out and it has been snowing.    I’ve already been caught out once in a
Intrepid walker on the golf course.
blizzard, this ‘bonnie clouds’ day!    Anyway I’m going to bumble down to the beach again before I start making some dinner .... duck in plum sauce tonight.    It’s a ‘ready meal’ .... one of Sainsbury’s Finest.    Right now I’m having a mini Coffee Afternoon for one;   it’s lacking in conversation, but the coffee is ‘nae bad’.    Must go ‘slight flap on’   .... the sun  awaits me.

16.30     The sun disappeared before I got onto Ferry Road, however I did go to the beach.... and got caught out once again.    The Red warning, for bad weather, was downgraded to an Amber Warning for our area at 10.00 this morning;   strangely enough, this has been the worst day for snow that we’ve had at the 'Royal Burrow'.    I know this because I cleared the  path, and put salt down, from the front gate to the
Ferry Road.
door.... and, at least 5cm of snow has accumulated since I did that.

20.30     Yesss ..... it’s going to rise above freezing tomorrow in the middle part of the day;   having said that, there are icicles hanging from the shed roof so it, the shed roof, must have been above freezing today .... though the water froze as soon as it got out of the sun.    Note to self .... take photo of icicles..... it’s a long time since I’ve had icicles on the shed.    Apart from that .... taking photos of icicles, I don’t have a ‘plan’.      The weather is dictating everything just now.    I’m looking forward to the thaw coming!


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