Spring is not in the air ....

12th March 2018 (Monday) .... 09.00     The weather is not of the most cheerful kind, being overcast with a breeze from the Northeast, however, at least it isn’t
Mid Shore, St Monans.
raining;  though that is given a mention in the forecast.     When I louped out of bed this morning I felt like I was the first bud of Spring.... until I looked out.    The grey sky dampened my enthusiasm.  
  The plan was to get the bike out to go for the paper, but that has been ... well ...put back in the filing system;   I’m not fond of the Northeast wind.    I’ll warm the car up instead.

20.30     When I went for the paper I decided to go along to St Monans, and have a walk around the harbour.     Our coastal villages always look at their best when it’s ‘bright and sunny’, but I like to see them in all kinds of weather;  though rain hampers using the camera.      Not unexpectedly it was cauld at the harbour... all harbours are cauld.... especially with a Northeast breeze, and an overcast sky.    I had a walk about, then fancied a cuppa, but I forgot that ‘The Diving Gannet’ Cafe would be open;   I only discovered it, and the fact that it was ‘open’, when I passed it, (the cafe), on the way out of  St Monans.     I got back to Ivy about 10.30., where I set about getting
Mid Shore .... St Monans
myself ready for Jimmy Mackie’s funeral.

Jimmy got a good ‘send off’.... the service was well attended.    In the kirk I sat beside Ken and Irene, and we were joined by May (from Mackie Housing).   The service, by Rev Peter Mills, was moving, and ‘was’ Jimmy as we all knew him;  and both hymns were sung with gusto.    The weather was fine for the interment;  I went up with Ken and Irene, ... and from the cemetery we went to the Lindsay Room in Kinneuchar Castle Country Club for nibbles and a cuppa etc.   Yes this was a good celebration of Jimmy’s life.

This has been another quick day .... and although I haven’t done much in the way of
The East end of Mid Shore, St Monans.

walking, I’m actually tired.     Tomorrow our weather is going to be much the same as it was today, except that we should have a few sunny spells in the middle of the day.... and it’s to be warmer;  though not much.

My plan for tomorrow is to enjoy myself in the morning time, then go to St Andrews for a check up at the hospital in the afternoon.    I’ll enjoy St Andrews too, but getting moored up at the hospital can be challenging.


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