Bright and breezy ....

9th March 2018 (Friday) .... 08.30     Jings .... the bucket men were quick off the mark this morning;   the paper bucket has already been emptied.    There are
Earlsferry High Street .... on my way to the beach.
three 'buckets' out for emptying today ....
.. paper, landfill and garden rubbish.
We have had one light shower this morning, but once the sun gets going it looks like we could have a bonnie, albeit breezy day.... and .... if it wasn’t for the wind,  it could be warm.   I haven’t been anywhere yet, in fact I didn’t get ‘up and running walking’ until 08.00.... and I’ve been sorting out the ‘buckets’ since then.    It’s now breakfast, and cuppa time.

20.30    The air felt cool when I was on the beach late in the  afternoon, but apart from that it has been a lovely day.    I have had a restful day.... all I’ve done is, go for the paper, and have coffee with Jim and Geoff, in the Harbour House.   That was in the morning.   In the afternoon, for some unknown reason I did the ironing;   the ironing that I was going to do tomorrow when the weather was more suitable for ironing;  i.e. damp.   Hey .... I sneezed;   twice.   Mmmmmm that’s a waste o’ a guid sneeze;   “One’s a wish ... two’s a kiss”.    I could have used a wish.    I could have used a kiss too right
Earlsferry beach at sunset time.
enough .... but....  two wishes will have to do.

With our weather forecast being somewhat less than exciting for tomorrow, it’s good that we have the Flower Club Coffee Morning, in the kirk hall, in the morning:  that will brighten up the day, regardless of the weather.    It, the weather, is going to be warmer, but, unfortunately, windier with rain on and off, for most of the daylight hours.    It looks like a Coffee Morning .... and a computer afternoon.

When browsing my backup DVD’s the other evening I found a Chainwalk and Kincraig
Elie evening time .... same view different walkers.
cliffs Presentation that I was working on a few years ago;   I’m going to update and finish it, because, what I have done so far, I found interesting.   So .... who cares if it does rain, now and again.

The villages look like being alive this weekend;   it’s always good to have folk wandering around.   I saw my first real sign of Spring in the Ferry, this afternoon.... a mobile home!   


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