Clam dredger .....

13th March 2018 (Tuesday) .... 08.00    When I first went outside I felt the warmth from the early morning sun;  now, less than an hour later, the sun has
Clam dredger in Elie Bay.
disappeared, behind a bank of cloud.    I guess the top of the cloud bank will be warm.... it’s certainly no longer warm below it.     And I’ve taken the bike out!     We are forecast to get sunny ‘spells’, so I might get out on it, the bike, later.     I'm feeling energetic.... but with the sun disappearing, it has, unsurprisingly, suddenly turned colder.

12.00     With there being hardly any wind I went out on the bike.     The air was cold, but I wrapped up, and wore the biking glasses;  and was pleased to find that the glasses do keep the wind out of the eyes.    I circumnavigated the villages, and got some good photographs of a clam dredger operating off Elie pier.     From the harbour I went to Elie Estate where I came across Stewart, who is busy planting trees.    It must be satisfying job planting trees;   many of which will still be around in 150 – 200 years.    When I visit Myrebird (Crathes) I see the birch trees that my Dad planted in 1944... and thing of our family
when we lived there.     Trees, if they could only talk, would have many memories and much to say:   oh well, they can’t, but they can get my auld brain into reminiscing mode.

21.30      We actually did get a few short ‘sunny spells’;   I had one, nearly all the way, driving home from St Andrews.    Oh ..... I got an early birthday present up there (St Andrews Hospital) today .... my PSA reading is back to normal, for someone my age), having dropped 5 points  since the last reading... it is now 6.5.   I am well chuffed with that, having been uptight about this appointment for the past couple of
Elie House.
I seem to have had a fairly busy past few days:  and  I’m looking forward to doing something more relaxing tomorrow.... and, lucky lucky ‘me’, it so happens that the Friendship Lunch is tomorrow,...  in Elie kirk hall .... the perfect way to  relax.  

Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be much the same as today, but warmer;   however there’s a brisk Easterly wind forecast.... so that will bring a wind-chill factor..    I had intended going out on the bike, but I might miss out on that if it’s too windy.


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