Overcast with snow squalls .... bitterly cold.

2nd March 2018 (Friday) .....   09.00     Oh my word it is bitterly cold, with snow squalls/blizzard blasting through regularly;  not a morning for being out!
Ferry Road.
    Yesterday we had sunny spells between the showers, but today’s forecast doesn’t mention ‘sunny spells’ at all.    I like ‘sunny spells’ .... we need the “huge lamp in the sky” to brighten our day up!      I know it’s cold on the beach;   I’ve been there.     There is a subtle change on though .... the clouds are ‘different’, and there’s a rawness in the air, and there's a  mair 'black and white' look ..... unfortunately that doesn’t mean the snow is going to shift yet.    I’m not driving anywhere just now , but I do warm the car up every morning.     At this moment in time I’m thinking it’s about time I had a cuppa.  

11.30      It is breezy out there.    I’m just back from a walk across the golf course to West Bay, then back home via Chapel green and the Ferry High Street.     At least there is a slight thaw on .... but the wind-chill is significant.    I enjoyed most of the walk, but
KIncraig cliffs - Earlsferry.
walking into the wind at Chapel Green was hard work .... and I had to hold onto my hat.    I don’t think I’ll venture far in the afternoon;  probably as far as the beach .... high tide is at 14.57.    I’ll try to get some rollers coming in... it’s a 5.9 tide with the wind from the East/Southeast so it will be wild.

20.00     This has been a very dour, cold day;   but at least the snow has begun to thaw a bit..... I knew that when I went to photograph my icicles.    They had been the first to thaw.     I spent some time in the kitchen this afternoon .... roasting bits of chicken, and making a rice pudding.    When I knew there was a bad spell of weather on the way I ‘stocked up’ with milk etc.... so I have loads.

I didn’t go to the beach at high tide;   I was enjoying working in the kitchen.    I remember taking a look down the Wynd and at  the time the sky was a depressing grey,
with a gloomy and cauld look.    Didn’t fancy ‘gloomy and cauld’ so went back to the
Earlsferry High Street.

Tomorrow’s weather is forecast to be much the same as today’s;   dull and damp with occasional flurries of snow/sleet.    We are coming to the horrible, slushy and wet underfoot, aspect of the snow, as it begins to thaw.      I might go into hibernation for a couple of days.     Tomorrow is going to be a day of rest for ‘the boy’ .... walking, gingerly,  across the golf course on the light covering of snow,  was tiring!     Gingerly,  because I was aware of slipping on the grass.    Jings I’m beginning to think ‘old’.


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