Sunshine .... quite Springlike!

7th March 2018 (Wednesday) ... 08.30    Bright morning ..... sunny with loads of blue sky;  at last I feel that the weather is back to normal.    There is a flood
The Ferry beach this morning!
warning out for Fife....  we still have a lot snow that has to melt, add that to the rain we’ve had over the past couple of days and we have overflowing burns, but that will sort itself out.    I’m going to enjoy the sun today;  a bumble down to the beach is in order I’m thinkin’.

10.00    The sky has clouded over in the past hour, but not a heavy grey... though we could get showers out of it.    I’ll get the bike out in the afternoon, .... I don't think any showers, that might come our way will be heavy, or long lasting.  

20.00     We have enjoyed a lovely Spring like day.... sunny , and warm.    We had 8c in Ivy garden at one point.     I never got the bike out....  I decided to rest my knees.    This walking like a penguin on ice/snow is fine, for penguins..... their knees bend backwards:  actually, that might explain why one of my knees is now wanting to bend backwards.     My knees are feeling better today... and I have been walking on the beach and down at the harbour.     Margaret was the only other person down at the
'The Toft' .... Elie.
harbour;  she, like me, was enjoying the pleasantly warm afternoon., and had walked along from Earlsferry.    I was in the car.... but I did have a good walk on the harbour beach, and around the harbour.   There was hardly and wind therefore no wind-chill.      Although we both live in ‘The Ferry’, Margaret and I seldom meet;   we’re both busy doing our different ‘things’.    I enjoyed catching up with Margaret. 
I had a good walk on the harbour beach .    The tide was coming in, and with there being little wind we had  reflections;  so I did enjoy my walk.....and I have loads of photographs to ‘play’ with.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is more or less the same as today’s was.... though
'The Toft' - Elie.
perhaps not quite as warm.    The garden has dried up a lot today;  I might even get some pruning done.    This Spring like sunshine that has me feeling like gardening;  that said, my first ‘port of call’ will be the beach.

I’m a tired ‘boy’ tonight;  but a contented tired ‘boy’.    There’s no real reason to get ‘up’ too early tomorrow morning;  sunrise isn’t until 06.50. .... which coincides with high tide.    Mmmmm ... it could be bonnie if there’s nae wind.


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