Easterly gale... so very cold.....

15th March 2018 (Thursday) .... 08.30    Oh my word ..... it’s ‘blawin’ a gale’ from the East, so it’s really cold .... and there’s rain forecast for the afternoon.
Forget beef burgers and aw the rest -- Fudge burgers are, by far ... the best!
    When I’m at Tesco’s (Cupar), to do the shopping .... I’ll have a coffee in their cafe.
 There’s also the ‘Drop in Cafe ....which will cheer up the afternoon.    Must ‘go’ slight flap on .... going to have breakfast before taking orf for Cupar.  Whatever you do.... be warm and cosy doing it.

14.00     I had a nice trip up to Cupar, and a pleasant time in Tesco’s doing the shopping:  I didn’t get a Gruffalo cake, .... most of the Staff I talked too had ever heard of Gruffalo cakes .... so I decided to forget that plan and go for a normal cake instead.     It had been my intention to have a coffee in the Tesco Cafe, but I remembered that the ‘Fudge Doughnut Factory Cafe Complex’ (hereafter FDFCC) was, near enough, next door.    The FDFCC was quiet, but I was fortunate to find Nancy and Douglas (Kinneuchar) in there so had a nice time chatting to them.  
Elie Bay this afternoon.
From Cupar I went to Leven, did a final bit of shopping in the High Street, and was back in Ivy by 11.20.     It’s still blowin’ a gale .... and very cauld;  it’s dismal kind of day.    It actually feels colder than when the snow was here a couple of weeks ago.
The Ivy hatches will be well battened as soon as I get back, from the Drop in Cafe.

18.00     The Drop in Cafe was busy today, and we had two birthdays to celebrate, two “Bob’s”, with cake.... so a good time was had by all.    There was much happy banter, and drinking, of tea and  coffee.   

Jim, Myra and I went to have look at the proposals for new housing at both villages, 15 at Earlsferry, and 55, including ‘affordable housing’, small workshop units, and a care Home, at the east end of Elie.    Most of the folk that I spoke to said either .... “most of the houses will end up as holiday homes, and empty most of the year”.... or ....  “we don’t need any more holiday homes!”      Actually we are lucky that many of out 'holiday homes' are used very regularly, and are, in fact, more like 'second homes'.   However 'holiday homes' are, without doubt, the main concern.     At the exhibition, much was made of trying to make the villages ‘sustainable’;   the very reason that they
Elie Bay.
are, ‘unsustainable’, at present, is because of the number of ‘holiday homes’ already in the villages.     We should also remember that ‘holiday homes’ are not just a local problem to us, in the east Neuk;  it is happening all over the United Kingdom, especially in beautiful, and desirable, places ;  like Elie and Earlsferry.     Therefore  the time has perhaps come for a United Kingdom wide solution to ‘holiday homes’.    And, here arises another problem:   are out politicians likely to do anything about it?     

20.00    Happy? .... I’m  about our weather forecast for tonight, and tomorrow;  wind and rain.    This is not good .....  we need sunshine;  it will soon be Spring after all.    Oh well .... I’ll get stuff done on the computer, that’ll keep me occupied.
I nearly forgot;  there’s a public meeting in the Ferry Town Hall, on Monday 9th  April  at 19.15, regarding the afore mentioned housing developments.   It will give the public a chance to air their views on the subject.

Oh dear .... I’ve been putting the bucket (green) out.... and it’s already, ‘wet and windy’.    The ‘boy’ will be in his bed early tonight.


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