Bright and breezy ... and so is the weather

12th October 2017 (Thursday) ..... 09.00    “Good Morrrrrrrrrrrrrning” everyone:   we have a ‘bright, and definitely breezy’ start, to Drop in Cafe day, here in
Elie bay at sunrise.
Elie and the Royal Burgh;   we did have a red sky half an hour before sunrise, an indicator of ‘naughty’ weather later ... like tomorrow, but we won’t bother about that..... however, we might catch a shower later. 

The wind down on the beach is very ‘fresh and frisky’... a bit like me this morning;  but that’ll wear off!    I’m in need of breakfast... I’ve been ‘up’ since 06.15 and ‘Puku’ is beginning to feel neglected. 

19.00     The weather remained ‘bright and breezy’ all day... as did I;   it did cloud over later in the afternoon but we didn’t get any rain.    Perhaps the clouds we have coming in now, mean some naughty weather ‘ra morra’.    The washing I did this morning dried, in spite of the fact we didn’t have that many sunny spells... but we certainly had a drying wind.

The Drop in Cafe was buzzin’ this afternoon;  it was Gareth’s birthday .... and there was cake:   cake = a lot of happy people.   After the ‘Cafe’ I went down to the harbour ;   I wanted to get a few photographs of the boats before they are ‘Craned Out’ on Saturday.   The harbour looks ‘sad’ when it’s empty... as it will be until next April.
Tonight the History Society have Group Captain Leggat giving an illustrated talk on
the aerodromes of Fife;  these will be aerodromes that were in use during the war.   I wonder if the ‘aerodrome park’ over at Kincraig will be mentioned?    Crail will be mentioned,  because it was a big Fleet Air Arm airfield, and in use up until the 1960’s ... though latterly I doubt if used as an airfield.

The weather for tomorrow is forecast to be cloudy with the chance of rain/showers in the morning ... we could have the odd ‘sunny spell’ in the afternoon.

Photographs : Top – Sunrise, Middle and Bottom – Elie harbour.


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