Friendship Lunch day ....

11th October 2017 (Wednesday) .... 08.30    Hmmmmm ..... it’s not a morning for poodling around on the beach;   we have  ‘windy and wet’.    It should
Kilconquhar Church.
begin to brighten up by December  .... midday.    I had a quick peek out at 06.00, saw the dampness, and  scrambled back into bed,....  finally getting ‘up’ at 07.40.    Luckily we have the Friendship Lunch at 12.30 to brighten up our day.... and the rain should be moving away by then too!   

 20.00    As ‘forecast’, The Friendship Lunch began the brightening process;  the sky quickly followed,  and we ended up with a bonnie, late afternoon.    As ever the ‘Lunch’ was a very pleasant hour and a half of eating, drinking (juice/tea/coffee)  and blethering.   On leaving the ‘Lunch’ I took William ‘T’ down to have a look round the harbour and to see some sand:   both of which are lacking up at Colinsburgh.   Tomorrow we have the ‘Drop in Cafe’... then there’s a Coffee Morning in the Ferry Hall on Saturday morning;   a busy social week for the boys.

Main Street, Kilconquhar.
I didn’t do much in the morning:   I did go down to the beach but it began to spit rain so I didn’t linger, and went back to Ivy.   I had a quick cuppa then went up to Elie for the papers (Dundee Courier and East Fife Mail) .... in the car.   I had a run down to the harbour but it was raining so I didn’t stop.  I’d just moored up at Ivy when Jimmy turned up, so we had a cuppa and read the papers. 
With the afternoon turning out nice, though breezy, I went up to Kinneuchar and  took a few shots of the kirk.... oh... and I browsed some of the gravestones.   That was interesting but also sad... I knew too many of the folks whose names are on the stones.    On the way home from Kinneuchar I went down to Elie Harbour (for the third time today) and finally got a few ‘Elie’ photographs.

Our weather forecast for tomorrow is more or less a repeat of today’s... windy with sunny spells.   I suppose we could catch a shower, but rain isn’t mentioned!

We have another crude oil tanker leaving the Firth this evening ... this one, “Desimi”, is heading for Ulsan in Korea.     I’ve seen the tankers bumbling in and out of the Firth... but never stopped to think of where they might be going.   Oh well we don’t need to ‘follow’ this one.... it will be following the same route as Olympic Leopard for most of the journey.

The tugs, AH Varazze and Atlantic Kestrel, with Transocean Prospect it tow are due to reach Aliaga on the 14th (October).

Photographs : Top – Kilconquhar Church, Middle – Main Street, Kilconquhar, and, Bottom – South Street houses, Elie.


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