Feeling lazy ....

9th October 2017 (Monday) .... 17.30.... Jings ... this is the first of me getting round to updating the Hutte today;   naughty boy.     I have been ‘intermittently
The missing stone is the one I usually lean on to take my photographs!
busy’, with my mind on other things.    I didn’t get ‘up’ for the sunrise... it was well overcast at that time, and as I had an appointment to have a blood test at 08.30, I didn’t go down to the beach, but did go to the harbour, and ‘paper shop’ on my way home from the surgery.    In mid morning, Jimmy phoned to say he was having difficulty connecting to Facebook, and brought his i-pad along to Ivy.    I managed to get him back on FB so all is well on that front;  we then we went to Leven to buy bird food.   
The weather did brighten up after the initial dull beginning,  and it has been quite nice... but a bit breezy, but was nice enough for me to do some pruning.

Elie harbour beach.
20.30    Having missed my morning fix of beach air, (and my chat with the  Cockstail rocks Heron), I went down there at sunset time.   The wind had dropped making it more peaceful looking ... no white tops on the bay.   Sunset isn’t happening quite where I like it to be... another week or two before that, but it was bonnie enough, with a ‘romantic’ ambiance.... which is why I waited for the couple to wander into the photograph.

Now for an update on the ships we are following:   ‘Olympic Leopard’ (the crude oil tanker) is off the West Coast of Africa ... Mauritania/Senegal being the nearest countries.   The crew having to suffer(?) 27c when out on deck;  how they must be longing for the cool, wet, weather of the Firth of Forth.   AH Varazze and  Atlantic Kestrel, dragging Transocean Prospect behind them, are approaching  the island of Crete (Kriti)... their crews are having to suffer similar temperatures to the Olympic
Sunset walk.
Leopard.    My heart goes out to those crewmen:    and we take our lovely grey days for granted! 
Our weather for tomorrow is ‘more of the same’:  a general mix of clouds and sunny spells with the chance of showers.... another lovely day.   My ‘plan’ for tomorrow has yet to be put together;   however, I will get up at 06.00 the see what the weather/sunrise prospects are.

Photographs : Top – Elie Harbour, the stone, that isnae there anymore, is the one I usually lean on when taking this photo, Middle – seaweed on Elie Harbour beach, and Bottom – nice evening for a walk.... or, in my case... for sitting on ‘Nana’s Seat’.


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