Feeling contented .....

13th October 2017 (Friday) ... 09.00    We, who live in the East Neuk of Fife, have a good, mixed, bundle of weather this morning, but at least it’s warm!    It
Cellardyke foreshore.
was raining when I poked my head ‘ower the gate’ at 06.00;   I went back to bed and got up at 07.30.... by this time the cloud had broken up and it looked promising;  however that changed, and, now, as I type,  it’s not raining, but is overcast and breezy ... with a serious ‘rainy look’ towards the West .... from whence our weather is coming.   I’m not going back to bed.

21.00    My only sortie ‘out’ today has been to go up to Elie for the paper.... I haven’t been down to the beach at all today.    I did get myself organised for the beach after lunch, then discovered that, the rain, which had stopped ...  had  started again.   Being
that I was in a ‘working’ mood I decided to clean the windows on the inside;    I’d do the outsides when the rain went off.    As it happened the rain didn’t last long so I got both sides, inside and outside, of one of the kitchen windows done.   Luckily, just as I was beginning to weaken, Linda arrived, and made a mug o’ coffee.   We caught up with each other’s news, then Jimmy dropped in so we got his news too. 

Oh my word .... the ‘boys’ have a busy schedule tomorrow morning;  we have Crane Out at the harbour (it starts before 09.00)... and there’s a Coffee Morning in Earlsferry Town Hall, .... it starts at 10.00.    Having to ‘plan’ for more than one event per day is
The beacon, Earlsferry.
highly stressful.   And, oh dearie me I have windows to clean ... er ... it, would be a good ‘plan’ for me to get the camera organised tonight!    The weather forecast for tomorrow looks like being much the same as it was today ... minus the rain.    What.... no rain?    No, that can’t be.  

Calumn (my former apprentice at the ‘Craw’s) phoned today to say that he is back in the country after much travelling, all over the globe, with his work.    I think he’s been on every continent in the last 12 months.    I’m looking forward to having a good old catch up with him.... and Karen.

Photographs : Top – Cellardyke foreshore, Middle – South Street houses, Elie, and Bottom – the Beacon Earlsferry.


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