Interesting morning ....

10th October 2017 (Tuesday) .... 08.30   We have another bonnie and interesting morning;   with much happening by means of the weather.    We have a
Blustery morning.
blustery wind that’s bringing clouds scuttling over from the West, showers rattling along the ‘sooth side’, patches of blue beginning to break through the clouds... and, although windy it doesn’t feel cold.   That said I use the spot that Chris and Barbara’s levelled, for their beach hut, to shelter from the wind, so it might be colder ‘exposed to the wind’.    Yes it’s a good day for a walk, .... however, at times it does look like we could catch a shower.

21.30    It has been a good day for a walk, though the ‘sunny spells’ were few... and far between;   I went up to the Deil’s Lodge (Balcarres) in the afternoon, and had a short
Balcarres Den.
walk down the den road.   I started to spit rain so I cut the walk short.     The rain never got beyond the ‘spits and spots’ stage, so I could have kept going.    The trees trees are beginning to look fairly autumnal now;   I’ll have a longer walk
around Balcarres, on a sunny day, next week.
With the morning being dull I decided to make a batch of Wholemeal Scones;  they turned out much better this time.   The difference?     I used new Baking Powder;  the baking powder I had been using was ‘best before’... July 2015.    Unfortunately “Puku” is liking the taste of the scones.... this is not good. 

“Olympic Leopard”, ‘our’ tanker is bumbling her way south... she is now off the coast of Guinea (West Africa)... and the temperature is still 27c.     AH Varazze, Atlantic Kestrel and Transocean Prospect are enjoying a comfortable 22c in the Mediterranean, as they pass Crete.   They will then have to meander though a jumble
The Deil's Lodge, Balcarres.  The Deil  is sitting on top of the lodge.
of Greek islands to get to Aliaga, their destination in Turkey.

We have the ‘Friendship Lunch’ in the Elie Kirk Hall to look forward to tomorrow;   always a happy hour eating and chatting.    The weather forecast for tomorrow, Wednesday, is much the same as it was for today, but we could have rain first thing, but should clear away quickly.    Then again it might not.

Photographs : Top – Elie this morning, Middle – Balcarres den, and Bottom – the Deil’s Lodge (North Lodge) Balcarres.


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