Quiet, 'romantic' sort of morning ....

8th October 2017 (Sunday)     09.30   It’s a pleasant morning;   it is overcast but the wind has dropped to F2-3, and the sun should break through by
Sunrise time.
midday .... it looks like being another bonnie afternoon.

I’ve been out for a decent walk;  I went down to get the sunrise but the clouds were too far over the horizon.   I’m ready for ‘the kirk’;   I was wondering about the 11.00 start... I thought it would mean me having to curtail my morning activities, but not this morning.   I might fall asleep in the church...!   Have a lovely Sunday.... I’m going to have breakfast. 

19.30    The ‘bonnie afternoon’  lasted as long as a snowball in the Sahara... .. the sky clouded over about 14.00, and has been so ever since.... but has remained dry.   A whole day of daylight hours without rain ... that’s unusual.       Luckily I’d had a good
Choir practice.
walk in the early morning, so didn’t go out again in the afternoon;   with the sky clouding over the temperature dropped.... however it seems to have risen in the last couple of hours.

Jimmy enjoyed the service at Kinneuchar.... we were up there in plenty of time and enjoyed a pre-service cuppa... and chat.    There was a good turnout, and the hymn singing was a pleasure to listen too;   I don’t/can’t sing, but I enjoy listening to those who can.    The 11.00 o’clock service doesn’t stop me going out early, but I did feel drowsy in the kirk;  that said, we were sitting in a pew with a central heating pipe for a foot rest!

In the afternoon I ‘played’ with the morning’s photographs... and fell sound asleep in
Maggie's Uncle Jimmy ...he will be 91 this month.
front of the tele for 45 minutes.     I was late in bed last night because I watched a fact based film, “Unbroken”,  that didn’t end until 23.40.    It will be an early night in bed for ‘the boy’ tonight.... unless I find another film to watch.

It’s another ‘there could be sunny spells’ forecast for tomorrow... but it is going to be warmer;  I’ll have a peek out at 06.00 to see if we look like having a bonnie sunrise.   Otherwise I have ‘nae plan’ for tomorrow ... I’ll make a ‘plan’ after a good night’s sleep!

Photographs : Top – sunrise time, Middle – choir practice this morning, and Bottom – Maggie’s Uncle Jimmy, in Kinneuchar Kirk this morning -  (91 this month).


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