Nice morning .... that means it isn't raining

7th October 2017 (Saturday) .... 08.30    We have a lovely morning...  ‘overcast and breezy’, and not raining!    Funnily  enough, though windy it isn’t that
Elie Bay at sunrise time.
cold;   having said that I wouldn’t say it was warm.    The beach was fairly busy around sunrise time... mostly folk walking the dog... no joggers.    Joggers add some colour to beach photos.    I don’t imagine they consider that when they go out.... but I like to see a colourful jogger pitter pattering along the beach.    I actually miss ‘my’ joggers when they aren’t ... well ... jogging. 

Sunrise didn’t ‘happen’ ..... well, it did happen but behind the clouds.    It began with promise ... a red horizon but the clouds were too low, which meant the sun was quickly above, and behind them.    There was a load of fresh air blowing around, of which got my fair share.
This afternoon.
21.30     The villages have been busy today.....  which is not surprising because the afternoon turned  out to be ‘bright and sunny’, albeit breezy, and everyone wanted to enjoy it;  including me.    I was down on the beach tree times, and might have got a touch of the sun.  

Jimmy and I went up to the Coffee morning at Kilconquhar Church this morning;  it started quietly but filled up steadily.    It was a good way to spend the morning... which had been mostly overcast.    With the afternoon being nice I went down to the beach, and again at sunset time.   By this time the wind had dropped and it was pleasant sitting,  watching ‘the world go by’.   There’s a new seat at the bottom of
Sunset time.
Cross Wynd ... in memory of John and Jenny (Reekie):  this gives me a choice of two seats overlooking the bay.   I had the Canon camera with me and had some practice with different settings .... it’s set on manual most of the time now. 
Tomorrows weather looks like being a re-run of today’s ... which is something to look forward too.    The big change of ‘plan’ for Sunday is:   Jimmy wants to go to the ‘kirk’, so ....  we are going to the kirk service, at Kinneuchar tomorrow morning.   There is coffee/tea before the service; however, we are not allowed to have the coffee then sneak oot!   Not that we would ever think of doing that!    This means that I’ll have to be sort of tidy .... which is not something I am good at.    Maggie used to check me out before we went to the kirk.... now I’ve got to check myself.    This is stress.

Photographs : Top – Elie Bay at sunrise time, Middle – Elie from John and Jenny’s seat this afternoon, and Bottom – sunset time.


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