Paper Shop boy's ....

28th April 2018 (Saturday) .... 08.00    There are some lovely clouds
Interesting sky over Elie harbour.
around this morning.... they sometimes give us light rain.   It’s a bonnie morning, but cold... there is a light breeze from the NNE;  having said that, I was out on the bike at 05.45 so it would be cold at that time.    The sun should break through later, though wind, and wind direction will keep it cool.
The boy’s in the ‘Paper Shop’ were working like the clappers, bagging rolls etc;   that was at 06.30.    Watching them work had a adverse effect on me .... I was overcome with an attack of weakness.   However I was able to loup onto my bike and get back to Ivy;  it’s maistly doonhill.   I do ‘doonhill’ good on the bike.     (You should see me coming down from Kilbrackmont.   You don’t want to see me going up to Kilbrackmont!)    I need another cuppa before doing something:  hibernation is tempting.

20.30     Brrrr .... it has been chilly today;  in fact it feels like we could have frost
Kinneuchar loch.
tonight .... but, the temperature is forecast to stay just above freezing.    However it looks, and feels like, tomorrow is going to be cold again:   fortuitously the wind is going to be light,...  though from the North/East.
I decided to go out on the bike again in the morning;   I fancied a coffee in Harbour House.    When I got there I found Myra, Jim and Geoff already ‘in residence’.      The most exciting ‘news’ is that Sarah (daughter of Harbour House owner) has had her baby... a boy, weighing ‘in’ at just under 9 lbs, and both are well.    We were just finishing our coffee when 8 cyclists appeared, desperate for a break.    They had biked over from St Andrews.  I came home via the Estate, stopping to take some pictures at the loch, and met the aforementioned cyclists, refreshed after their break, as I arrived back at Ivy.

George came along in the afternoon, and we talked about another Michael Portillo
Ivy garden flower.
programme that I watched last night...  about the historical, military buildings at Orford Ness, near Aldeburgh in Suffolk.   Orford Ness is now a Nature Reserve owned by the National Trust.

Balcarres Gardens are ‘open’ tomorrow afternoon 14.00 – 1700.... and the weather forecast is good;   much the same as it was today.   You will be sheltered from the wind so it should feel warm.


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