Cracker of a morning ....

21st April 2018 (Saturday) .... 10.30     We have an absolute cracker of a morning at the Centre of the Universe;    bright, sunny, and warm, with only a smirr of
Kincraig Cliffs - Earlsferry.
a westerly breeze.    I went out early, and photographed my way from  West Bay, round to the harbour;   starting an hour before high tide, and finishing an hour after high tide.
   I met a couple down at the harbour looking for a Black Necked Grebe  (hereafter BNG) which has been seen out on the bay.   Apparently somebody ‘scoped’ it (the BNG) a couple of days ago.    That will be twitcher lingo for a sighting by telescope.    This ‘happy bunny’ is now going to have a look at the photographs I 'took';  being a ‘reflections’ morning, I have a lot of photos to look at.

The West end of Earlsferry.
17.00    This has been an excellent day, probably the best so far this year;  warm (19c in Ivy garden), bright and sunny for the whole day:  even I have a touch of the sun.    I got that working in the garden!    I decided to clean out the half barrel water feature... and that took me a bit of time:   most of the time sorting out the hose.    After resorting to cutting off the trigger thing, at the end of the hose (it was leaking all over the place), I eventually got the job done.    (Note to me - I must buy one of the new hoses that don’t get knotted).      
George (Gordon) ‘dropped in’ for a blether this afternoon.    He was out on his bike, taking advantage of the bonnie afternoon.    It was while we were sitting in the Hutte, that I decided I needed to clean out the water tub.    That job I did, after George went
orf on his merry way.     While I was doing the tub ‘Blob’ cleaned up the biscuit crumbs in the Hutte. 

    19.30    Without doubt this has been the best day we’ve had for a long time:  it began bonnie, and continued that way, throughout the whole day!    This is the kind of  weather we’ve been dreaming about for months.    If only we could get a long spell of it!    We certainly deserve one, after the elongated winter we’ve been through.
The weather forecast is ‘nae bad’ for tomorrow;  not quite as warm, with a bit of wind later.   There is a ‘Weather Warning’ out for possible thunder storms overnight:  they are hitting the south coast just now.   They might have petered out, by the time they (the thunder storms) reach the Borders.   


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