Noticeably caulder ....

24th April 2018 (Tuesday) ..... 08.30    The first thing that caught my
Earlsferry High Street - East end.
attention when I stuck “ma heid oot the door” this morning, was that it is noticeably caulder;  as in back to wearing the winter togs caulder.     So, it was the heavy jacket, scarf and gloves for my walk on the beach.
  There’s a strong wind from the WNW and that is adding a lump of wind chill, .... so wrap up if you’re going to be out in the wind.    That said it ‘bright and sunny’, with dauds o’ cotton wool clouds scuttling across the sky.    It’s a nice morning, but, I’m thinking the bike will stay in the shed today.   I might take the car up to the Deil’s Lodge and have a walk down Balcarres Den.

21.30     I’ve been reasonably busy today; mostly walking.    I did go to the Deil’s Lodge (Balcarres Estate), and had a walk down to the pond.   It was nice out of the wind;  in fact it was hot when I was pottering about at the pond, because that area is a
Balcarres pond.
suntrap.    The pond is full just now;  full of muddy water after the recent weather.    Actually I think that the filter reed beds at Lathallan might have been overwhelmed, this would explain the colour of the water.    I enjoyed the walk, in spite of having to use a walking stick to take the strain off the knee.   I’m amazed at how far I can wander, in spite of a painful knee.   There are pain killer pills but I don’t take them.
In the afternoon I went to Anstruther to the Health Shop:  and had a walk around that corner of Anstruther.    By this time the wind had moderated, and it wasn’t as cold as it had been earlier.    When I got back to Ivy I made a cuppa, went to the Hutte to do a Soduko.... and promptly had ‘50’.

I’ve been checking my BMI and find that I am slightly overweight, for someone my age:  not catastrophically so, but enough for me to go on a diet.   At this time of year I
Anstruther beach.
am usually ‘slightly overweight’, ... biking and walking, plus drinking more water, and eating fewer goodies’ usually sorts it out.    Jim and I are having scones and Empire biscuits tonight;   we may have lost the Empire, but we still have the biscuits.    The diet begins tomorrow.

Our weather for tomorrow is ‘more of the same’;   ‘bright and breezy’ with the chance of light ‘April’ showers at times.    I have Jimmy Preston’s funeral tomorrow morning at Kinneuchar (10.30).... it could be cool at the graveside.


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