'Crane in'.....

14th April 2018 (Saturday) .... 08.00    Yessss ....we have a nice morning.    It is overcast, but not as heavy as it has been,  there’s a light breeze, from the SW, but it
John at Elie.
is not cold.   This is the perfect kind of day for ‘Crane In’.... which set to start at 10.00;   and, we could have some sunny spells later;  the sky has that kind of ‘look’ to it.    When I think about it, I’m feeling friskier this morning, and happier;  I’ll get out on the bike today.

21.00     It has been a bonnie day.... 15c in Ivy garden in the afternoon.    I spent the morning at the harbour.  There’s always a lot of activity at  ‘crane in’,  and,  with the weather being ... welllll ... perfect, people were doing stuff all over the place.    Boats were being ‘craned in’, the beach was busy, and the new skiff was on the water ....yes there was much going on.     John came down from Shell Bay.     John treated me to coffee in the Club House, where we browsed some of the  photos in John’s tablet, including one of my brother Harry’s memorial plaque, on top of Ben Ledi.    When we left the clubhouse we took a few photos of the action, then John bumbled off, back to Shell Bay, to help Linda  finish her jigsaw puzzle.     John will have one piece (the last piece), in his pocket probably.    I
The EESC skiff.
always helped Maggie finish her jigsaws.    

After John went orf to Shell Bay I wandered onto the harbour beach to get a few photos of the skiff.    It, the skiff, had been launched by a team of ladies, though there was one man aboard.    The weather was ideal for rowing around the bay.    I then bumbled back to the ‘crane in’ action, and took a few more photos, before going home.    I’ve had a busy, and happy day;  browsing photos over a coffee in the clubhouse, taking photographs of the action and activities.    I am a contented bunny tonight.     Oh .... and I paid my subscription to the ‘club’.    Last year I was the last to do so;  this year I’m the first.

I had a quiet afternoon;   had a cuppa in the Hutte, and fell asleep.    Woke up and did
The EESC skiff.
a Soduko, then went and had a look at the photographs I’d taken today.

Our weather forecast for tomorrow is ‘good’;   more or less the same as today .... but windier.    I’ll get the bike out early, buy a paper, visit the harbour, go through the estate .... all before it becomes too windy.      Not that it’s going to be really windy tomorrow;  only F4 or so.... but .... from the East.


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