Anstruther ...

17th April 2018 (Tuesday) .... 08.00     Welllll .... it’s overcast, and,
Earlsferry - this morning.
although not raining, at the moment, it has been overnight .... and looks like it could again soon.    However, our weather is not going to be gloomy all day, ....we should get sunny spells in the afternoon.    My ‘plan’ is to go to Anstruther in the morning, then out for walk/bike in the afternoon.   The ground is too wet to do anything in the garden. 

11.00    I’ve been to Anstruther but the shop I wanted to go to was ‘closed’:  they have funny, and not many of them, opening hours.    At least I now know when the shop isn't open.    And when it is!   The journey wasn’t wasted, as I met John (Clark) outside the Harbour office;  haven’t seen John for a while so we caught up with each others ‘news’, while I photographed a 50 year, wooden hulled, fishing boat that’s in the process of
Anstruther beach - rotten seaweed being removed.
refurbishment.   On the way out of Anstruther, I stopped at Barnett’s Cellardyke shop, and bought some goodies, including twa ‘Sair Heids’.     A migraine had kicked in earlier and the thinking was;   “I’m going to have sair heid anyway, so I might as well enjoy it!”.    Photograph, of the ‘Sair Heids’, to follow.

22.00    We ended up with a ‘bright, breezy and sunny’, late afternoon/evening .... I’d go as far as call it a “romantic walk” evening.    Having said that, I have had a quiet afternoon... well ...sort of;   I ‘nursed’ a migraine headache, sitting in the Hutte, reading the paper, and doing a couple of Soduko’s.   And
Barnett's 'Sair Heid's'
.... I managed to have ‘50’.    NB ... I am usually extraordinarily frisky the day after a migraine.  

The temperature is forecast to rise to about 16c tomorrow;  this suggests that we will  have sunshine.    It could a good drying day, as there is going to be a brisk southerly wind.... but, there is the risk of light showers.   I should get out on the bike;   might even go for a longer run .... the wind is in a favourable direction.  

Jim and I did a bit of reminiscing tonight;  and ate the ‘Sair Heid’s’.    I’d say we had a relaxing evening, sorting out things local etc.    It’s bedtime for this boy now;   I need to sleep this ‘sair heid’ aff.     Not the one I ate .... the migraine one.    


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