Feeling good ....

16th April 2018 (Monday)     08.00..... Mmmmm ..... we have an  overcast sky, and there has been light rain overnight;  but the grey sky looks like it could break
1959 Cadillac de Ville.
up, and give us a few bright spells later.     That’s when I’ll go out on the bike;  later.     Bumbling into Leven first thing after breakfast seems a good ‘plan’, in the hope that the weather brightens up by lunch time.    I am feeling good, .... certainly not as stiff as I expected to be, after yesterday’s gardening.    Orf to have breakfast, then I’ll probably go to Leven.

12.00     Oh my word .... I’m in a state of excitement.    I went to Leven .... and fell ‘in love’.    I met this lady on the High Street, she is lovely, and chatty .... and has stolen my heart;    a ‘ship that passed in the night’.    I had to go to Stuart’s to have a cuppa.   A pot of tea, and a scone, after indulging myself, I went to Sainsbury’s, where .... you won’t believe it .... I fell in love again;  this time with a 1959 Cadillac de Ville moored
Kinneuchar loch.
up in the car park.    I’ll need to go out on the bike to in the afternoon to get myself back down to Planet Earth.   Planet Alberto is fine.... but can develop a  wobble, now and again.

20.00    I’m back to normal, after an enjoyable afternoon run, on the bike.   In fact I hadn’t gone very far up Ferry Road when  I met Alex (Dowie ) originally from Colinsburgh, out for a walk with a lady friend.     It was good catching up with their ‘news’.   I’ve done a lot of talking today. ... in fact, I do a lot of talking every day.... if I can find someone looking for conversation.    After chatting for a few minutes we went our separate ways, Alex and friend to their car, me up Ferry Road to Kinneuchar Station, Elie Estate..... and Elie harbour. 

This has been the best day for me biking for a long time;   the wind, had veered to the West, hence my going up Ferry Road, with the wind on my tail, to do the Estate clockwise, rather than my usual, anti- clockwise direction.    The immature swans are
Elie Harbour.
still on the loch, and ‘Auld Grumpy’ was on patrol..... but, he was in a good mood, when I saw him.   Perhaps he likes the sunny weather too.

The harbour was quiet;  only David at his creel boat, and a few visitors bumbling around enjoying the Spring sunshine.   The yachts, and the other boats, bobbing about on their moorings again, are a very welcome sight.
We could wake up to light rain tomorrow morning, if the weather forecasters have got it right.    Unfortunately it is also going to be windy.   However any rain should clear away by lunch time, leaving us with showers and sunny spells.


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