Feeling productive ....

26th April 2018 (Thursday) ....     07.30     It is cool this morning; ‘bright,
Elie lighthouse.
with a brisk north westerly wind’, .... but bonnie , with loads of April shower type clouds scuttling over from the NW.    I’ll make for Balcarres, later on today, and have an, ‘out of the wind’ walk in the Den.... right now I’m going down to the beach.  


19.00       This has been a lovely Spring day;   a bit breezy right enough, and we did catch a couple o’ heavy showers, but that didn’t stop ‘the boy’ from enjoying himself.       In the morning I set off for Balcarres, in the car, to have a walk down Balcarres Den (sheltered from the wind):   and ended up at Woodhaven Bay (Elie) doing the Lady’s Tower/ Elie lighthouse walk. .. (where I was completely exposed to the wind).     I enjoyed the walk,
WII anti tank blocks.
in spite of the wind;  actually it didn’t seem as windy as I thought it would have been.    Hmmmm;  tomorrow I was intending to go to Crail!    On the way home I went to Harbour House for a coffee, with Myra, Jim and Geoff.    Myra and Geoff had to dash orf, because they were going to a funeral in Perth.   This left Jim and I;   we arranged to take ‘SD’ to Balcarres in the afternoon.

Immediately after a ‘lite lunch’ (I’m on a diet), I went to the Hutte to do a Soduko,.... and, yes .... I fell sound asleep;  waking up about five minutes before Jim was due to me up to go to Balcarres.    It was warm ... no, it was hot, in Balcarres Den, and I was dressed for cold!        There was a major surprise for me when we got to the pond.      48 hours ago the pond was full of rust coloured water;  the only water in the pond today,  was the burn running through the middle of it.     The area that had been under water is now covered in a layer of rust coloured silt.    We walked as far as the sawmill,
Balcarres pond.
then back up to North Lodge.     Balcarres gardens are open this Sunday, which is perhaps why the pond had been emptied.

Jim and I were both ready for a cuppa when we arrived at the ‘Drop in Cafe’ in the afternoon.    However Janis brought a big pot of tea, and deposited a three tier cake stand, laden with very low calorie goodies.   I start the 'elusive' diet tomorrow.

The wind is forecast to moderate overnight, and be light by morning time;   I should get the bike out.   It is also forecast to back to the East in the afternoon, with some heavy showers.


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