Nice morning ....

6th April 2018 (Friday) .... 10.00    I’ve  been pottering around Chapel Green rocks, .... which is why I’m late with ‘The Hutte’.    When I left Ivy Cottage my
Elie Bay.
intention was to ‘go for a walk’, but, once I got onto the beach.... well that was it.    Oh .... we have a ‘nice’ morning .... overcast but dry;  unfortunately the wind backed to the East overnight... and, well, you know what I think of the East wind.    I didn’t see one jogger this morning, but dog walkers were out ‘in force’..... and their charges were enjoying the beach.
I don’t have a ‘plan’ for today, but I’m thinking  of gardening;  depending on now the weather turns out.    I don’t expect we will see much of the sun today.

West side of the Dome park, Earlsferry.
21.00     This has been a ‘lazy’ day, for me.    Apart from playing around at Chapel Green in the morning I haven’t done very much else.    Oh ... I did some ‘ousework, and made some chicken ‘ready meals’ but nothing really constructive.    I did venture out to the garden, but it was cold.... .. actually it’s probably the change, from yesterday’s ‘bright and sunny’, to today’s ‘overcast and grey’, that knocked the enthusiasm, for work, out of me.   And I have been feeling ‘under the weather’.    We did have a couple of short sunny spells this evening, (and one of rain) so it might more inspirational weather tomorrow.    It is forecast to be warmer;  with more sunny spells.    It that is the case, I’ll cut down the Buddleia bush outside the computer room window.     This bush grows too big and blots out the light over the summer.... and there are plenty other Buddleia bushes for butterflies to feed on.... including a smaller one in another
Busy beach.
corner of Ivy garden.

The villages are busy tonight;  and will be over the weekend.     I don’t have a ‘plan’ for tomorrow, and any plan I do come up with will depend on how I ‘feel’, .... and, on the weather.     I’d like to get the bike out and go through Elie estate, to see how Spring is breaking on the trees.    In fact I might get ‘up’ early and do just that.... before I start on the garden.    In the meantime I’m going to have a look at the photos I took at Chapel Green this morning, have a cuppa, then get orf to bed to read my book.


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