Bright and breezy ....

15th April 2018 (Sunday) .... 09.30.    The harbour (Elie)is looking bonnier,
Elie harbour.
and busier, now that the  the boats are back in the water;  though there wasn’t much happening when I was down there.    Not with the boats anyway....the tide was out.      A fair number of people walking the beach, and one person actually went for a swim;   the air temperature around me dropped by about 10c just watching her.... and I was up on The Terrace!     Oh .... we have a bonnie ‘bright and sunny’, morning, but there is an Easterly wind, and it is hazy:   a nice morning, but cool.   The garden is sheltered from this East wind, I might just spend a bit of time working.    I’m feeling energetic.

I'm a happy boy.
19.30.    All the energy I had in the morning has been burned off;   working....  in the garden.     I lopped a tree thing, and that job involved ladder work, so my knees and hips have had some exercise this afternoon..... and not the kind of exercise that they are accustomed to.    I suspect that they will be stiff tomorrow morning.    I wonder .... should I have a bath tonight?     Yes I will;  in fact I’ll go and have a bath now, as I have no intention of going out again this evening.    I’ll finish updating The Hutte later.

20.30.    I’m back;   having emerged from the bath, looking like a ‘peelie wallie’ prune,  about twenty minutes ago.    I did enjoy a long soak in Radox Muscle stuff.    My hips and knees feel good;  hopefully they will be ready for more ladder work tomorrow.   
Everyone has gone.    I went out, to go the beach earlier, and found my car the only one on the street..... this means that I’m   lonely again.   I had to turn the car, so that it
Sea front houses on South Street  - Elie.
was parked facing the right way:  that was done by way of a run up to Kinneuchar and home via Balbuthie Loan.    I never got to the beach.  There is a cold wind blowing, with a feel of fog in it .... which I had been sheltered from working in the garden.... so I gave the beach a miss.

I don’t have a ‘plan’ for tomorrow, but I might go to Leven to do a wee shopping some time:  it all depends on how enthusiastic I feel about gardening, in the afternoon.     Tomorrow’s weather is forecast to be, more or less, a repeats of today’s, though the wind might veer towards the West.    My morning will be taken up with circumnavigating the villages on the bike etc.


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