Feeling bright and chirpy .....

11th April 2018 (Wednesday) .... 10.00    Although the wind is from the ENE, and just as brisk as it was yesterday, it isn’t as cold;   because it is starting off
from North African/ Mediterranean area.    Mind you I wouldn’t say it was warm.    I’ve been for the papers (two on a Wednesday) and through the Estate, on the bike .... so I’m happy.    The sky, though overcast, is brighter in places and, I’m feeling optimistic this morning, it should remain dry.    Sunny spell? .....  we have the Friendship Lunch today, that always brightens up the day.

20.30     It hasn’t been the bonniest of days as far as the weather went, but it has been dry, and I have been out on the bike three times;    so I am content.    As  always, the Friendship Lunch superb;  I thoroughly enjoyed the mushroom soup... I think it’s the first time I’ve had mushroom soup at the Friendship Lunch.... and I had two pieces of cake!    Jim was going to Leven immediately after the ‘Lunch’, so I decided to go for the  ride.    On the way to Leven we met a number of mobile homes, heading into the East Neuk;  an early start to the holiday season.    Funny thing is;   in Scotland, when
The estate boathouse.
the wind’s from the East, the place to be is the West.... and vice versa. 
Silverburn House (Leven) has, more or less, been completely destroyed by yesterday’s fire;   Fife Council have to decide what to do with the shell.   Demolition will be the most likely choice..... once the cause of the fire has been established.
The swans on the loch are becoming restless;  one Cob has the desire to ‘make babies’ and is chasing any interlopers that stray near his chosen girl (Pen).   Swans mate for life, so this is an important time for him.    I imagine that many of the swans, on the loch (Kinneuchar,)
Kinneuchar Loch.
will fly off, once the weather settles into a more Spring like routine.
I’m taking advantage of the fact that there are so many of them there (Kinneuchar Loch)....loads of photo opportunities.

Tomorrow’s weather is forecast to be  a repeat of today’s:  wind from the ENE, overcast, though perhaps thinner, ....and dry.     I should get out on the bike again;   in fact I may  try for a longer ‘run’..... if the wind isn’t too brisk, and the roads aren’t busy.   Then again, two times through the Estate would have the same results, and be quieter.


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