Overcast after rain ....

22nd April 2018 (Sunday) ....     The thunderstorms, that were forecast to
Late sunrise?
occur overnight, missed us and went up the North Sea, (now off Aberdeenshire), so we were lucky in that respect;   however, we did have rain, I know this because everything is wet, but I never heard thunder.    It’s mostly overcast, and damp, this morning, but the sun should breakthrough later.... it was trying hard when I was out on the bike.    It’s a nice enough morning, but disappointing after the past few days of sunny weather.

21.00      My legs and feet are tired tonight:   it’s watching the London Marathon .... it fair tires me oot.   I have done a lot of running in my young day, so I know the feeling, and come out in sympathy.
The sun did ‘break through’ but only infrequently, and then for only short blinks:  that said, my day has been bright in other ways.    In the afternoon I decided to take a run up to Balcarres to see is ‘Susanna Van Veen’ was blooming;  and she was.     ‘Susanna’
Balcarres daffodils ... I was surrounded by them.
is a Magnolia tree, and the flowers are usually out in mid March;   luckily, for me, she is later this year, ... because of  the roch winter we’ve had.    In fact everything seems to be making up for lost time up there, with a variety of shrubs and flowers in blossom.   It was very relaxing.... unfortunately the sun didn’t make a breakthrough while I was up there.

Later in the afternoon I went to a talk by David Graham, a photographer who does photographic work for, mostly good causes all around the trouble spots of the world.    Some of his portraits, of people in their native environment(s), are absolutely brilliant:   and have been shown in prestigious exhibitions.   Yes .... that was a very interesting talk.

Myra and Jim were at the talk, and had invited me up to “No 3” for dinner -  after the talk.    I happily accepted the invitation, and enjoyed, a huge serving of, lightly smoked salmon, and shrimp salad ... it was excellent.   So, in spite of the slightly ‘dour’ kind of
weather, my day has been ‘bright and cheerful’... and very satisfying.      Thank You Jim and Myra for the ‘invite’ and the lovely dinner.... I’m a happy and contented bunny tonight.

I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow;  I have the urge to have a wee adventure... but I doubt if my knee could stand that yet.    I’ll see what the weather is like;  it’s forecast to be more or less the same as today’s was....so, ‘nae bad’;   but windier.    I’ll bumble round the villages before breakfast .... weather permitting..


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