Early bird ....

20th April 2018 (Friday) ... 07.00     I went out on the bike early this
Sunrise time at the harbour.
morning .... 05.40:    I wanted to be at the harbour for sunrise time ... 05.54.    It was  chilly at that time, it always is just before sunrise.     Anyway I was down there on time, and snapped my first photograph at 05.53.    The sun didn’t rise over the East Links until 06.00.     Unfortunately it was breezier than I’d hoped, so the sea wasn’t  mirror like, but I am happy enough with the photographs I got.    This is the best time of the day;  apart from 'Blob' and friends giving the dawn chorus laldie, a couple of delivery vans and Ian at the ‘Paper Shop’, I, near enough, had the villages to myself.    After that early morning fresh air I am now ready for breakfast!

18.00     I’ve been sitting in the Hutte watching a Peacock butterfly sunning itself on a
Largo Law from Ruddon's Point.
warm rock;   I didn’t have a camera at the time, so couldn’t get a photo.    Obviously this spell of warm, sunny weather has woken up the overwintering butterflies... Spring is in the air.    Will it last?  
Jim and I took ‘SD’ for a walk round Ruddon’s Point this afternoon:   this is the first time I’ve been round Ruddon’s this year.      There’s nearly always a brisk wind out there, and today was no exception;  but that didn’t spoil a pleasant walk.

20.00     I’ve done not to badly for exercise today;  twice out on the bike, and a walk round Ruddon’s Point.    I wonder who Ruddon was?    Not that it matters but it would be interesting to know who (or what) the point was ‘named after’.    Jimmy used to have a salmon net at the point;  always referred to as...  ‘the point net’.    We used to have some good laughs out at ‘the bothy’;  Jimmy’s salmon station, on ‘the island’, at the mouth of the Cocklemill Burn.... this was in the 1960’s - 70’s.    Today there is nothing to indicate that the bothy ever existed.  

Tomorrow I want to be down at the harbour around about 08.30;   I’ll be ‘up’ at my
Ivy daffies.
usual time, and probably go out on the bike, ending up at the harbour as per ‘the plan’;  of course this all depends on whether the weather is ‘iggzactly’ as I hope it will be.    The weather forecast is ‘good’ for tomorrow;  bright, sunny and warm most of the day.    I’ll have a camera in the Hutte;  just in case there are any butterflies about.    

Well .... we are coming to the end of what has been another lovely Spring day:  long may this weather continue.    That said, the weather is forecast to become cooler, and more mixed next week.


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