Yep .... it's skiing for the boy

13th February 2018 (Tuesday) ... 09.30     Although windy, with spits and spots o’ rain, it didn’t feel as cold, as it did yesterday, .... when I was down on the
Elie Bay this bonnie morrrrrning.
beach this morning.     Does that make sense?    Yes ... it does.    It is not the bonniest of weather forecasts for the morning;   but the clouds are forecast to disappear at 12.09... or thereabout.

Oh .... forget figure skating;   I’m into downhill skiing  this morning.    That looks more like the thing for me.    I’d throw Puku out of the start gate, and we’d be orf;   being that I am attached to 'him' I'd  follow ‘him’ down.   We’d cross the Finish line as a big snowball, full o' flag poles.    Yes .... I fancy the downhill, and slalom, skiing.

Evening time walk.
I don’t have a ‘plan’ for today.    I woke up, checked my that my aches and pains were all in place;  then had a look out to see if we were going to have a bonnie sunrise.     It looked promising so, after a very quick shower, I grabbed the camera and was orf to the beach.     The aches and pains?    They vanished as soon as I realised I wanted to go to the beach!      Orf to have a cuppa.

20.00     The sky cleared up after lunch, so I decided to go to Leven and get my haircut .... and, take some books to a Charity Shop.   The hairdresser was able to take me right away, and she uncovered my lugs;  I might hear better now!    

I handed in a batch of books, to the Chest, Heart and Stroke (Scotland), charity shop, in Leven High Street, and bought six (two for 99p).    They have a big selection of
More evening time walkers.
books, but the authors aren’t in alphabetical order which makes finding a book, by author, difficult.   Anyway I picked six, three of them by ‘new’ authors for me:   I like medieval history novels, and I think I might have got lucky and found at least two new, history novel, authors.

We have the ‘Friendship Lunch (in the Kirk Hall Elie at 12.30) tomorrow;   I’ll go along to that .... as long as I don’t forget it’s ‘on’, or get diverted by the Olympics.    Apart from the ‘Lunch’ I don’t have any fixed plan.    The weather forecast is not great;   windy, and cold, with a chance of rain .... though the rain might miss us.   


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