Clearing sky ....

10th February 2018 (Saturday) .... 09.00     It’s a grand ‘morning for doing an ironing;   overcast, cold and damp.     The weather forecast is for the sky to
Late afternoon on the Ferry beach.
clear by mid morning, though it is to be breezy and cold.    I might go to Leven and take the car through the car wash;  and visit Sainsbury’s Cafe, depending on how the mood takes me.    I fancy a trip to Tayport but I think that would be best done on a sunny, Spring day . 

20.00     I’m shattered.     I decided that this would be a ‘rest day’, in a effort to shake of the cold, so I watched the Winter Olympics:   my knees are sair with ski jumpin’, playing ice hockey, and curling.   The Olympics was followed by Six Nations Rugby so I watched that;   no wonder I’m tired.     That was in the afternoon.

In the morning I took the car to the car wash in Leven, then went to the ‘Cheap Shop’

Earlsferry beach.
(The Bargain Store) for toothpaste and cranberry juice, followed by a visit to Sainsbury’s... for a wee bit shopping and a cuppa.   All that happened, after I’d done the ironing.

The villages have been busy this weekend;   at least I assume they were:   the beach certainly was, when I went down there late this afternoon.    There’s not much of a tide just now,  and, though it was low tide at the time I was down there, I didn’t go down to the rocks.....however it’s always good seeing folk on the beach.... that said, I didn’t see anyone I knew.    It was a pleasant evening for strolling along the beach ..... and it
Elie beach.
wasn’t cold.

Tomorrow I intend ‘lying low’.    The weather forecast isn’t bad ..... feeling very cold after overnight rain/sleet.    I did consider going to the kirk, but I'm still coughing so I'll pass on that.    I don't have an alternative 'plan' but I will probably have a walk on the beach.    I won't spread the cold around down there.


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