Pittenweem ....

9th February 2018 (Friday)     09.00  .... oh, my word.... it’s overcast and cauld, and does not look like being a ‘good drying day’.    There’s a good breeze,  ..... but, no sunshine so far.    The sky should clear soon;   because I have the washing
West Shore, Pittenweem, from the old pier.
machine ‘on’.

Apart from building activities, at different houses throughout the village, all is   quiet;   it’s the kind of morning that you get at this time of year.... dour and cold.     That said, snowdrops are adding a touch of life to the garden.... and the crocuses are, tentatively, contemplating bursting into little splashes of colour.    Yes Spring isn’t far away.    I still feel cauld!

The seaward end of the old pier, Pittenweem.
20.00     A, nigh on, perfect day for the boy, is coming to an end.    I am one happy, contented .... and tired bunny tonight.     I did not deviate from ‘the plan’ at all today:  that is really unusual!     I wonder if I’m coming down with a cold, or something?     The washing dried, it has been a good ‘drying day’;  in fact the three shirts that I bought at the FMA have been washed, and they dried too, and  will be ironed tonight:   well maybe not tonight.... the weather forecast for tomorrow morning isn’t bonnie, which could be a good time for ironing!   It, the weather, should brighten up by lunch time.    

I enjoyed pottering around the West Shore end of Pittenweem after the buying the shirts,.... where I met, and had a blether with Alistair (Reekie), ... who was working at
Th landward end of the old pier.
one of  the West Shore houses.    Alistair and Liza’s son Scott, is a professional footballer with Dundee United FC.

The Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony has figured on the News all day;   what I’ve seen looked spectacular.    I like the ski events .... the slaloms, and big jumps.    I’m not that keen on the modern mogul and snowboarding stuff..... too gimmicky ...and bad for the knees I imagine.

No ‘plan’ for tomorrow:  I’m trying to shake off this cough, so perhaps a day ‘in’ wouldn’t be a bad plan.    In fact ..... I’m going to have a ‘Janice Toddie’ tonight;  that will sort it, the cough, out.    Apart from the cough I’m feeling really lively.    Must go... slight flap on.... got a toddie to make.


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