Windy and cold .... and not just in Korea!

12th February 2018 (Monday) ....  09.00     We have a bonnie morning;   but, frosty and windy.... so feeling very cold:  as I found out when down on the beach
Elie bay.
to catch the sunrise (07.46).  
 This will be another day of staying in and warm , watching the Olympics, though I might bake a round of scones;  that’s always a warm job.    Eating freshly made scones, especially on a cold day, is very agreeable.

20.00     I’m thinking that I may be watching too much of the Olympics:   on the way down to the beach in the afternoon I was looking for a frozen puddle so that I could have a go at doing a Triple Salchow.    Luckily I didn’t find one:   a frozen puddle i.e.
We’ve had a cold day;  the fact that there’s been a brisk wind brought the temperature down by a good few degrees.      I ventured out a couple of times;   to the beach in the morning, and late afternoon.    Both times there were folk on the beach;  like me they
were well wrapped up.

Later in the morning I took the car for a wee run down to the harbour:  not the best of places to go on a cold and windy day.    The harbour area was not bust;  in fact I was the only one there.    From the harbour I went to Kinneuchar via the Balbuthie Loan road..... stopping once, to take the photograph of Kinneuchar that I have on the Hutte today.

Back at Ivy I fired up the television and settled down to watch the Olympics; snowboarding, moguls, ski jumping, curling.... oh and the figure, and freestyle skating.    No wonder I’ve been feeling cold all day .... even with the heating ‘on’.    Here is a bit of useless.... er useful information;   The Salchow jump was invented by Ulrich Salchow (Swedish skater) in 1909.   I have loads of other er ... information re
Evening sunlight on Williamsburgh.
the Winter Olympics.    For instance;  the Lutz jump is named after its inventor, Alois Lutz, an Austrian skater,  who first executed it in 1913.

I don’t want to alarm you all but the weather forecast for our ‘neck of the wood’ tomorrow is not good .... cold with a band of rain passing over us, sometime around the middle of the day.    This means I’ll be watching more Winter Olympics!


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