Winter Olympics .....

11th February 2018 (Sunday) .... 14.45    Jings ... the Winter Olympics has been captivating.    Who wasn’t going to watch the moguls and the snowboarding?
Elie and Earlsferry this afternoon.
..... yep ‘this boy’.    However, that all changed today, and I enjoyed the skills on show at the snowboarding, even though it looks (to me) gimmicky.    The moguls I also enjoyed, but the competitors knees and hips take a hammering.... as you can see by the way their head and shoulders stay still.

The Men’s Luge final was exciting.... I was disappointed that Koch lost the chance of his third gold on the last run:   still that’s what it’s all about.     He (Koch) made a mistake and at that level you can’t afford to do that.     To be honest I wouldn’t even consider sitting on the sledge....  er luge:  then rattling down a bent tube of ice at 80 kilometers per hour? .... no chance.   That said, .... the gloves would be handy for having a good old scratch.

This afternoon.
I have been keeping warm all day;   though I did go down to the beach at 13.30.   It is half term;  which explains why the villages, and the beaches are so busy.
We have Scotland v France coming on at 15.00 so this is going to be a resting day for ‘the boy’ that’s for sure.     I’ll might go down to the beach after the rugby;  that should be about sunset time.

20.30    My day of sport watching ended perfectly;   Scotland won:  beating France 32 – 26.    It was a good game to watch.... nail biting for us Scots fans, because we were behind most of the game.    France giving away penalties, which Greig Laidlaw converted, won us the match.

In between the Olympics and the Rugby was the time I chose to go down to the beach, on what has been a bright and sunny day;   and warm if you were out of the wind.    That was when the ice hockey was on.... I don’t watch ice hockey, though I do keep up
Busy beach.
with the scores.    I only know that a goal has been scored when the  commentator says so;   I hardly ever see the wee black thing .... the puck ....  because it is moving so fast!   

The curling .... that is good to watch.   Even I can see the stanes bumbling down the rink;   there’s always someone brushing the path clean in front of it ... the curling stane i.e. 
Tomorrow is forecast to be bright, sunny and cold.   The cough, that has been plaguing me,  has been less annoying today, so another stay ‘in’ and warm, watching the Olympics, is on the cards for me tomorrow.


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