Frosty, with wall to wall sunshine .....

7th February 2018 (Wednesday) ....
“Save a tree – eat a beaver!”

09.00    We have a ‘bright and sunny’, frosty morning, with a light Westerly breeze;   a
St Monans Auld Kirk
beautiful morning but cold ......  a lovely morning for going out.... as long as you’re well ‘wrapped up’.     I’ve only been as far as the front garden .... feeding ‘Blob’.    I’ll go for the papers in a wee while.

19.30    This has been a funny old day for me.    When I went for the papers (in the car) I decided to go along to have a daunder round St Monans Kirk.... something I haven’t done for a couple of years.     I decided to start by having a look round the cemetery. That was not a good idea;   because I knew far too many of the names on the more recent headstones... including four that I went to school with (two of those were in my class at the Waid).... and a good few that I played golf with.   
Quiet corner of St Monans.
I decided to bumble my way out of the newer part of the cemetery, and take some photos of the kirk.    As I was doing this, an old dog came over to me with a piece of seaweed.    I accepted the seaweed gift, and spoke to her, (she was a Retriever).      Speaking to the old dog got me out of the doldrums; the doldrums that the cemetery had got me into! 

The time at St Monans was the best part of the ‘day’ for weather.    Since then the sky has clouded over, and it looks like it could be snowing towards Stirling.     We are forecast to get snow/sleet etc tonight, which explains the ‘something’ that the sky is heavy with towards the west.    It’ is cold tonight;   I have
BBC Weather map this morning.
the heating set at 22.
I don’t have a ‘plan’ for tomorrow.    The next good ‘drying day’ looks like being Friday;   if so, that is when I’ll do a woollen wash.    I’ll need to find something to do tomorrow morning:   that said, the weather forecast for tomorrow is not inspiring.    It could well be a computer morning:  we have the ‘Drop in Cafe’ in the afternoon.

Having finished, “The Robin – a Biography”, I need to find a new book to read in bed.    ‘The Robin’ is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.   ‘Blob’ could well have written it!


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