Sunny Sussex .....

14th January 2018 (Sunday) ..... My word .... the sun was in a frolicsome mood this morning;  it flooded my bedroom with ‘get up and go’ at the crack of dawn.
Blackboy's Inn
   I went downstairs and had breakfast!  

My legs feel like walking this morning, but I’m not going to overdo it;  normally that’s what I would do.... and end up shattered.     We’re going to the “Blackboys Inn” for lunch, so I should get a few photos, and a bit of exercise then. 

20.00     It has been a lovely day;   more like the “Sunny Sussex” we know and love.   We went out to the “Blackboys” for lunch;  I didn’t expect it to be as busy as it was the last time we were there .... but it was.     There’s no doubt about it the food is excellent, and the atmosphere,  relaxing and comfortable.   This is where one of the two Burns Suppers that Michael is doing (on the 26th and 27th of January), is going to be held;   the other being at “The Forester’s Arms” in Fairwarp.    After we left the “Blackboys” we went to the “Foresters” where Michael and Janice sorted out the arrangements for the
Janice in the Blackboy's Inn.
“Forester’s” Burns Supper with Seb.  

It has been a lovely day today, but tomorrow it is back to wet and windy tomorrow.... and warmer.    The warmer is good .... I’m not so keen on the wet and windy.   Depending on how wet and windy “wet and windy” is, I might go down to the Library.... it, the “wet and windy” is forecast to clear away after lunch time.    Uckfield is surrounded by Nature Reserves, but it’s doubtful if I’ll manage on to any of them;  they are far too muddy.    The only way I’d tackle a walk on one of them would be if we had a hard frost.  

I’ve been inside two ‘pubs’ today.... and consumed a whole pint of Harvey’s ale... i.e. two half pints;  this must be some kind of record for me.  

Last night in bed I got round to thinking what it must be like to live in London, ..... or any City for that matter.    Back home I bumble out of bed and go down to the beach
and, surrounded by nature I hear .... natural sounds;   waves plopping onto sand, birds making various bird noises, natural things.    In a City the background noise will be traffic, and.... hordes of other people.    I think that would be boring!     That said, cities are excellent places for people watching!    Uckfield is lucky in that it is in the middle of the country, with nature all around;  though inaccessible to this boy just now.


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