Dreich morning .....

2nd January 2018 (Tuesday) .....  11.30    When I first got out of bed, and looked out, it was foggy, and the original plan was to go ‘downtown’;  since then it has started to rain, so we now not only have a grey morning, but also a very wet one.   It is
Ferry sunset (February 2016)
forecast to brighten up later in the afternoon, in Sussex then more, showery, rain to come in from the West in the evening;   I need to have some exercise.
 There’s another ‘Yellow’ wind warning out for the Central Belt, and Fife, which causes me to ‘worry’:  not that I can do anything about the wind when I am there.... but I still get stressed.     And there seems to have been more of them this winter.    This one has been named Storm Eleanor... so is the fifth one for this season. 

20.00    The rain cleared away late in the afternoon, so I went for an evening walk round the block, which is 1.32 kilometres (0.82 miles);   I have to keep the legs active.    It is mild tonight, and there is a bit of a wind, but it was enjoyable, even though it was by street light.    Most of the day I have been reading my book .... and looking after ‘my’ dawg.    The forecast for us (Sussex) tomorrow is ‘windy with squally showers’.    ‘JB’ and I are going down to Eastbourne tomorrow afternoon;  John has some shopping to do .... and I am tagging along.    I have always liked Eastbourne, (Maggie and I first visited Eastbourne 30 years ago).... but nowadays,.... and I never thought I’d have to write this;   even Eastbourne is beginning to have a ‘worn’ look.  
 22.00     Tomorrow’s weather forecast, ‘windy, with squally showers’, means that we should have spells of sunshine in between the squally showers.   I’ll go for a walk downtown in the morning and have a cuppa in the Centre;  everything is back to normal tomorrow, with Michael being back lecturing at West Kent College.   Oh .... belated congratulations to Michael who was the West Kent College, ‘Lecturer of the Year’ in the 2016 -17 year, having got all his students through their exams.   Both Michael and Iain obviously get their brains from Maggie .... as does Iain!   
I’m bumbling orf to bed now;   the plan being to have an early start in the morning .... weather permitting.   I should have some Sussex photos for tomorrow’s Hutte.


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