Brightening up after early rain ....

4th January 2018 (Thursday) ..... 10.00    Hmmm .... it’s not very bonnie this morning, being windy, with intermittent spells of light rain;  however it is forecast
House sign.
to clear away by lunchtime and become colder and even windier.    It’s a morning for working on the computer;   with plenty photos from yesterday to sort out.    Jings .... having said that a patch of blue sky has been sighted, so things are already looking brighter.

22.00      Janice had Bonnie (the Westie) at the 'vets' this morning for tests;  and the news is not good.     Bonnie has cancer and, although she is jumping around like a pup, she is too old to have an operation.     She is a lovable, and lovely, old dog, and  is still enjoying life so we have her to enjoy for a while yet.    But, yes it is not the 'news' we wanted to hear.    She will be 16 in April.   

    After a mixter maxter morning, the weather settled down to ‘windy and bright’ in the afternoon.   I went for my ‘roond the block’ walk, extending it so that I
White tree.
walked at least one mile;  today I did 1.93 kilometres (1.1 miles).    On my way round I came across a white barked tree that didn’t look like our native birch;  in the end I decided it could be either an Himalayan birch, or an American Sycamore.

London road was quiet this afternoon, but there is a bye pass round Uckfield, and that is always busy.    The only traffic on the Uckfield Road is that which needs to be in Uckfield.     I wouldn’t like to see Uckfield High Street if they had to close the bye pass for resurfacing.

The weather forecast for Sussex tomorrow is for it to be ‘colder and brighter;  could be a good drying day.    If it is a ‘drying day’ I’ll do a washing then  bumble downtown.    I have found ‘places’ on the old OS maps and I now want to see if there’s any sign of those old places now;  sort of before and after, but there isn’t very much ‘before’ remaining.   In
Looking down London Road to the top of the High street.
1859, The Rev Edward Turner said, at a meeting in the town, “Uckfield is mostly ‘modern’ with anything of antiquarian value having disappeared”.     He went on to say that Uckfield did have ancient history, but the process of modernization had destroyed most of it.

I am watching the first ever James Bond film “Dr No” so this conclude this update now:  when the adverts are ‘on’.


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