Feeling brighter .....

13th January 2018 (Saturday) .... 10.00     we have another uninspiring morning, grey and cold.... a good morning for staying ‘in’.     Most of the UK is under this blanket of cloud... the exception being all the way up the western coast, where it is raining.    There is one bright spot  in all the greyness .....   my throat isn’t sore, and my voice is coming back.... hmmm .... that’s two (bright spots).    Actually there are three;   I’m also feeling brighter!     I’ll have ‘today’ as another rest day, which should have me, near enough, back to normal by tomorrow.

22.00      I feel better after a couple of days of R & R, and I’m now well on the road to recovery.   In the afternoon we watched a film, of the Forth Road Bridge being built;  by a local, amateur filmmaker, Jim Hendry, who lived in Edinburgh, where he worked for the Department of Agriculture.   Jim had decided to film, on his  8mm cine camera, the work, from beginning to end.   After a few trips to the site, he was invited to become the ‘official’ recorder of the work, as it happened, and was able to go more or less anywhere on site.     One of the most noticeable, and surprising things about the film is the complete lack of Health and Safety;  Jim was everywhere, and even filmed the setting in place of the catwalk hung between the towers!     This was a really interesting film, with lots of footage of the old ferries etc.     I was working at Carmurie (South Street, Elie) on the day it was opened, by HM The Queen:    the 4th September 1964.     There was a heavy haar, which only lifted briefly at the opening ceremony.  

‘JB’ and I are having a quiet ‘nightcap’;    Janice and Michael are away down to ‘The Club’ where there’s a band that they like playing.

I am going to be a bit more active tomorrow:    we’re going to “The Blackboy’s Inn” for lunch.    After the nightcap I should have a good nights sleep;   not that I have any problem with that ..... I sleep like a log.


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